"Ragweed Bee 1D" is a psychedelic and meditation art work based on flowers and plants, and in this case, a bee. ©2013 Sacred Square Paychedelic Art Works and Visionary Design. This is the preview image.

The Metaphysical Gardener’s Guide Vol. 13: Psychedelic Native Plant Art. The Adventures of Ganja Joe in the Garden of Eternal Happiness. Baba Ram Yum Yum reveals the Truth About Love and Landscaping. More Randomness on The Co-Creative Road with Mammy Nature.

Ganja Joe is out introspecting the plant life today. Wandering about in that pleasantly stoned and mindful/mindless way that Baba Ram Yum Yum showed him. Chief Gardener Joe is no elitist when it comes to nurturing and honoring Mammy Nature’s bountiful collection. What some consider “weeds”, Ganja Joe finds beautiful and compelling in their own right. What his neighbors in the Land of Conformity see as “that god-awful overgrown mess”, Ganja Joe sees as a teeming ecosystem of diverse biological imperatives free to range and go where they are best suited. While his neighbors cry out for more Scott’s Turf Builder Plus Grass Seed, Joe says “Nay!” to the enforced order of suburban lawn-scaping, for he knows falsehood when he sees it. And he understands his neighbor’s desire for “order”, though he himself shall never embrace such an affront to the Great Ordered World of Mammy Nature.

That’s not to say that Ganja Joe, or Baba Ram Yum Yum don’t dig the feel of a thick, lush bed of grass beneath their bare feet on a fine morning, or that they do not love to “Earth” themselves and lay down flat, face first in said grass. Oh no, they absolutely crave that shit and dig big scoops of that kind of medicinal meditation. So much so that they have installed a special “White Guy in the Suburbs Style Lawn Carpet” section in a portion of the backyard Bohemia. Measuring 8 feet by 4 feet, this little nod to the pleasure of lawn maintenance is not only perfect for their needs, but it is the most they want to care for. They can step into this 32 square foot space and dig the feel while still being able to behold the transcendent beauty of Mammy Nature running it raw in the rest of the Garden of Eternal Happiness.

The results are true freedom, some serious joy and more time for important things like love, happiness and soft kisses on your lover’s face. Less lawning, more loving. Baba Ram Yum Yum is a true fucking guru of the Groove Boat. And Ganja Joe follows his lead and infinite piles of wisdom like the true believer he is. Order in what many perceive as disorder is only one thing Ganja Joe intuitively understands. When he puffs the magic ganja and chills out in the shade of a crazy overgrown, untamed Mulberry Tree he sees the divine in what appears to be chaos. When he shares some psychedelics with Baba Ram Yum Yum and they feel the Big Hum of the Universal Mind Thing, he knows what he’s feeling is closer to the truth than a lawnmower and hedge trimmers will ever take him. He understands what is, and dismisses what is not. For his consciousness, while ever expanding has no freaking room for nonsense or bad television.

And so Ganja Joe sees the beauty in what so many scorn and loathe… ragweed. He understands that many sneeze until blind in the rapture of hay fever, yet he thinks it is a result not of the weed alone, but the lifestyle of false immunity that his modern brethren commit their lives to living. Lost in the pursuit of form and physical substance, his fellow planetary playmates infuse themselves in a world of antiseptic isolation from Mammy. Tsk, tsk… that’s no way to live. Baba Ram Yum Yum, who, by virtue of being a Lhasa Apso, digs rolling in the dirt by nature, has shown this to Ganja Joe on several occasions. This is the great wisdom of Baba: “Get dirty. It feels good.”

And so these two rare souls travel the high road to metaphysical and spiritual communion with the Little Goddess, Mammy Nature. They recognize the Seven Sweet Truths of Love that The Fairy Romantic Princess who lives in the Hostas has shown them, to be the only wisdom truly needed when one’s mind isn’t possessed by Advertising Executives and their ilk. Baba Ram Yum Yum and his partners, Fu Wang, the Shih Tzu and Wolf Girl, the Mix, have long understood the value of unconditional love. Each day the live to give it, to shower Ganja Joe in it and thus to remind him of the truly divine nature of love. Theirs is a selfless act. Although they will occasionally hit Joe up for some mushrooms or high quality marijuana.

And Baba Ram Yum Yum knows it’s time for some psychedelic visuals… so here’s “Ragweed and Bee 1A”

"Ragweed Bee 1D" is a psychedelic and meditation art work based on flowers and plants, and in this case, a bee. ©2013 Sacred Square Paychedelic Art Works and Visionary Design. More high Hindu love vibrations from Baba Ram Yum Yum.

Blazing, trip city colors reminiscent of Hindu Love Grooves from previous posts. The deep indigo center opening that third eye like a Sunbeam electric can opener does to a can of cranberries at Thanksy-Giving, or as Baba has renamed it “Gratitude Day”… bright DMT color vibrations and some crazy ass patterns developing. And yes, there’s a bee in there.

Here’s another variation… “Ragweed and Bee 1D”

"Ragweed and Bee 1B" is a psychedelic interactive mind melting art work and visual image based on photographs of ragweed, a naturally occuring wild flower and plant that holds some fascination for Baba Ram Yum Yum. ©2013 Sacred Square Psychedelic Art Works and Visionary Design Institute.

Totemic slabs of symbolic metaphors…and peyote enhanced dream visions. Jack “King” Kirby universes colliding head on with potent psychedelic mind bombs to forge some new thing. Color gone mad in the vibrant range of psychoactive fueled imagination. Baba, Fu Wang and Wolf Girl howl in simple approval at the mass of gooey, trans mutational color fields at play. Ganja Joe merely stares into himself, falling deeper into the great pool of consciousness contemplating the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos he purchased at the gas station earlier.

As always, your thoughts, comments, disconnected ramblings and high spirited yelps, are appreciated and treasured. Feel free to dispense your wisdom below…

Yours in reordering the reality…

P.S. Now I’m off to my favorite metaphysical watering hole, The Voice That Guides, for some sweet soul nourishment and a cold drinky of finely chilled anejo served up by the Princess of Wordingham herself, my beloved and treasured Zengirl…


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