Preview image for "NE 417A" is a psychedelic and visionary art work and spray paint image perfect for making you feel better simply by looking at it. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

Gooey Blasts of High Vibrational Color: “Daffy channels Morrison” Spray Paint Psychedelic Art for Serious Meditation Freaks and those seeking to improve the quality of their conversations with their Chakras.

And it is very gooey! Gooey color soaked goodness. Returning to the spray blasting for a quick hit the other day, the result were these conversation starters. I’m digging the variation inside of a small area of spray blast. The randomness of blasting, especially with one’s eyes closed, is just delicious fun. Goddess knows what will come out in the end. These did and I’m pretty happy with them.

Cool patterns and the colors are a multi chakra love fest. High chakras, low chakras. And yes, it’s all psychedelic in the sense that it is quite nice to stare at while under the influence of various psychoactive substances. It also can work quite well as a meditation tool. In short, spray blasting is a Consciousness Enhancer. “Step right up, get your consciousness enhanced! Only $3 for a bottle! Stick your fingers in the jar and pull out a gob of this trusty cream and smear it on your awareness, rub it deep into your consciousness and feel those wheels start turning!”

But enough lunacy and playfulness… time to fall into some colorful new realities on the road of excess… Next stop? The Palace of Wisdom of course!

Here’s “NE 417A”

"NE 417A" is a psychedelic and visionary art work and spray paint image perfect for making you feel better simply by looking at it. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

Vibrant like New Mexico. Something cool and symbolic going on in the center portion and that purple is just hot sauce for the crown chakra. Love the green/yellow and those orange/reds…. beat me with your rain stick mammy!

Here’s another blast… in another direction… “High Chakra Hearts”

"High Chakra Hearts" is a psychedelic spray paint art work that's not only good for dialing in your upper chakras, but also can be used for meditation or as something to chill and space out on while you investigate some psychoactive substances. But you didn't hear that here. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Looks like mad love to me… cue the music Daffy… “Don’t you love her madly?” Daffy, like Zengirl, is such the Morrison fan. Unlike Zengirl, the Duck will suddenly go into a trance channeling state in the middle of a late night food run to the local Denny’s or IHop and begin chanting various lyrics as if his stoned duck ass was in communion with ole Jim Bob… wild. It tends to disturb the wait staff, but it does get us served quickly as they are usually in a rush to get us out of there.

And here’s something out of Dr. Strange’s universe… “Red See”

"Red See" is a visionary work of supreme genius and mad vision. A psychedelic tour-de-force reminescent of Picasso's "Blue" period work except that it is mostly red. As far as I know, no great artist is known for their "Red" period. ©2013 Sacred Square Psychedelic Art Work and Design.

Intensely red… and deliciously blue.. with a dash of green yellow thrown in to set things off… and set things off, I have… the Duck is reeling… leaping about the room in his leather pants and chanting complete tribal sounding jibberish, wailing and quacking in bursts through the wall of quadraphonic sound his Royal Daffyness has unleashed upon our humble abode. He’s gotten himself a copy of “L.A. Woman” in quad and the mad fiend has gone over the top, emptying the “medicine” cabinet and seeking direct communion with Morrison’s spirit… I’ll keep you posted.

And here’s something denser… jam packed with info flow for the visual cortex. Plug in to the Big Hum and join The Duck…

Here’s “Abigail, Daddy’s Home…”

"Abigail, Daddy's Home" is a psychedelic and visionary art work for those who enjoy getting way outside normal and grooving on fresh mushrooms and digging high vibrational colors. Billions of tiny details in this one. Like grains of sand on an LSD beach. ©2013 Sacred Square Psychedelic Labs.

Gritty… color… like grains of sand poured down on wet Elmer’s Glue.  That center a warm, throbbing thing alive with the energy. Daffy just hit his peak and is requesting I play “The End” in an endless loop (how ironic, heh?) until he finally fades off into sleep… I tell you The Duck is mad with this Morrison thing…

As always, the staff, including Daffy, would love to hear from you, so make a comment, drop a line, scrawl out your own jibberish… we love creative thinking.

Yours in restructuring the reality,

P.S. Zengirl can be found pouring stiff drinks and soulful advice down at my favorite bar, The Voice That Guides… pay her a visit and ask her for the good shit she keeps under the bar…


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