"Somewhere to Go" preview image. An essay on creativity and the present moment inspired by the I Ching from Zengirl.

“Somewhere To Go”: Creativity and The Present Moment. Insightful Thoughts on the Process of Living from Zengirl.

For those of you who follow this blog, it’s a given that I’m in love with an amazing woman who, here in blog world, goes by the name of Zengirl. She’s truly a talent in a variety of creative mediums including the written word and music. And that’s not just the boyfriend in me talking. The guy who is totally smitten with the kitten so to speak. The girl not only is very intelligent, highly intuitive and deeply spiritual, she’s also a damn fine writer.

Her blog, “The Voice That Guides”, is something I would encourage all of you to visit and read. This latest post, called “Somewhere To Go”, is quite frankly, one of the very best pieces I’ve ever read regarding the process of creativity, of living in the present moment.

Influenced by the I Ching quote; “It furthers one to have somewhere to go”, Zengirl is off and flying, weaving an elegant and highly insightful and spiritually aware word picture.

This quote from the piece really hit home with me.

“The success I sought,
if Attained,
would not have been a finish line.
Why on Earth did I let Failure become one?”

Here’s the link: “Somewhere To Go”

Go get the rest there… and enjoy this extraordinary woman’s way with words…


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