“Electrical Buddha Wallpaper, it’s going to be a sudden craze…” Donovan checks in and orders enough to do the loo of his new flat. Psychedelic Buddha Art Wall Paper for those looking for something different in the home improvement aisle.

“Electrical Buddha-nana, going to be the very next thing…” ahhh yes, Donovan singing his groovy songs of love, sex and acid. Tab culture in the late sixties and early seventies.  Get on the bus all you Pranksters. Further, indeed. A remnant from the last post on Electric Buddhas in the Garden. Trip City wall paper for those who dig such things. One of the few things I miss about working for Bland Corporation… the big color printer that did 11x17s… FREE of charge! Ahhh, but the trade offs are worth it, lol…

A little something trippy and fun and psychedelic. Imagine this in the second bathroom.

“Electric Buddha Wall Paper” or perhaps “Mellow Yellow Siddhartha”

"Electric Buddha Wall Paper" is a psychedelic and visionary art work and wall paper suitable for the loo or the bedroom. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Dig it.

Or not.


and for those looking for high fashion… Digital Peyote. They’ve got a very cool Buddha shirt…
"Buddha Visions" limited edition dye sublimation tee-shirt from Digital Peyote. Psychedelic, metaphysical and visionary trippy art work by Sacred Square.

Share what you can…

Yours in the overturning of the non creative impulse,

P.S. Zengirl… for your closets… 🙂


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