Two Very Different Artists Whose Work I Love.

Art doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Neither does life. Influences abound. I’ve always believed that everything, and I do mean everything influences and informs an artist’s work. Not just other art of the type or media they choose to work in. Life informs the work. One thing leads to another. Experiments in pottery and printmaking from my SAIC days inform and influence the work I do today. The I Ching has been a huge influence as has Bauhaus design, Jasper Johns and  Piet Mondrian. You may not see it in the work I do now, but it is there. As are trips and travels I’ve made. As is the days of my youth. Rock music. Album covers. David Hockney Polaroid collages. Relationships. Friendships. Tequila. In short, everything.

I like a lot of art and a wide variety of artists. These two artists are bloggers who I’ve come across in my travels. I love, really love the majority of their work. They are, you could say, from opposite ends of the spectrum but they share something and that something is the need to create. And they express themselves in that creativity.

The first one is Revolt A State Of Zen. Trippy computer based fractal art. No surprise I would love this work. It’s gorgeous. It shines and glows. And it’s quite the psychedelic treat. Now there are lots of people using fractals as the basis for their art and there’s lots of good stuff and great stuff out there. I enjoy this particular artist for both their execution and their sense of themselves and the world. I like the way they play with language as well as image. A lot of people view computer assisted art or computer made art as somehow less soulful than traditional forms. I beg to differ. And this artist shows that there is a great deal of soul and depth to their work. And for those of you who might be wondering, no, this artist has no connection to my beloved Zengirl, lol.

Here’s a couple of examples…

“From the Still Sea”…

"From The Still Sea" art by Revolt A State Of Zen.

And here’s “Time Moves But Only Soup Remains” The title alone is genius.

"Time Moves But Only Soup Remains" is a digital art work from Revolt A State Of Zen

The next artist is, by category a more traditional painter. Art Veronica creates paintings that evoke an intimacy, a delicacy and an ethereal quality that I find alluring and charming. There’s a child like quality to the work, a truth that seems to me to always shine through. In many ways this is considered “outsider” art by many. And by that I mean outside of the “normal” art world of trained artists. Folk art is a term many would use. I just see it as art. There’s a simple beauty to it that evokes emotions and memories in me. It’s quite dreamlike I think. I love the compositions and the choice of colors.

Here’s a few examples…


"Progress" by Art Veronica.


"Intuition" by Art Veronica

I encourage you to explore all the amazing art and artists out there and to support those you like. There’s something wonderful about having original work in your home or work place.

As always, your comments, thoughts and opinions are treasured and looked forward to by the small staff here at The Square. So share yourself.

Yours in creating the possible…

P.S. To my beloved Zengirl, all my love and gratitude for all that you give.


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