Conscious Life Experiment Day 25 ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

Conscious Life Experiment: 30 Days of Awareness. 4 Minute Meditation Day Twenty-Five.

Feeling like the home stretch of our little experiment. Welcome to Day 25. And today, I’m the one in a bit of a rush… one of those days where it seems, at least, that the 50 lbs of stuff I have to do, is just not going to fit in this 20 pound sack. But enough of that! No limitations! Forward!

For those of you who are landing here for the first time, click here for Day One which will give you a taste of what this simple little experiment is about, or at least what it started life as…

For those returning…

Today’s meditation image…

Meditation image for Day 25 of the Conscious Life Experiment. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

And today’s word is “family”…

Conscious Life Experiment word for Day 25. Family. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

As always, your thoughts and opinions or mad ramblings are appreciated and looked forward to.

Yours in the possibility of creating more possibility,


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