Conscious Life Experiment Day 21. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

Conscious Life Experiment: 30 Days of Awareness. 4 Minute Meditation Day Twenty-One.

“Twenty-one and strong as I can be, I know what freedom means to me…” Ahhh, The Eagles from way, way back before Hotel California. Sorry, couldn’t pass that one up.

Welcome to day twenty-one. Certainly a marker point. Three weeks in. Nearly three quarters through our simple experiment in consciousness and awareness. It’s been an interesting ride for me. I’ve been keeping a small journal of my thoughts and reactions to the word of the day. Both in the morning and later in the evening after spending a day with the word and noticing how it showed up in my day. And they always showed up. I’ve also been exploring the four minute meditation concept and find that I’m able to get some really great results, energy and focus wise, just inside those short, four minute periods. All in all, it’s been pretty damn interesting and enlightening.

If you’re new to this concept, click here for Day One which will give you a quick look into what this little experiment is about.

If you’re back for more…

Here’s today’s meditation image…

Meditation image for Day 21 of the Conscious Life Experiment. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

And today’s word is, “beautiful”…

Conscious Life Experiment Word for the Day. Day 21. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

And remember, it’s always a pleasure to hear your thoughts, opinions and insights, so by all means share them.

Yours in creating awareness,

P.S. To my beloved Zengirl… get better soon baby.


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