Conscious Life Experiment, Day 16. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

Conscious Life Experiment: 30 Days of Awareness. 4 Minute Meditation Day Sixteen.

It’s really quite amazing and rather revealing when we become aware of the power we give to language and more specifically, the words in that language. And it’s interesting because we tend, in my observations, to observe the world through our personal bias. We tend to assume that others view it the same way. But the fact is, that even identical twins see the world differently from one another. And by see the world, I’m really saying interpret it.

Because our experience of the world is really a two part system. We perceive an event, ie, something occurs. That something could be our mothers yelling at us, a car accident, a look given us by a stranger, the way a lover touches us, in short anything and everything. And then comes the very important part two; we take our perceptions and attach meanings (language/words/emotions) to them. And we think that this second part is what is real. It’s not. It’s simply an interpretation of a perception. And it’s built on our past interpretations.

This is not to say that there are some things that we perceive and then interpret that are true. There are plenty of things we understand to result in negative experiences. And that’s a good thing. Driving a car after drinking. Leaving loaded guns lying around. Sticking our hand on a hot stove. In these cases, yes, automatic behavior and past references and interpretations save us a great deal of grief.

The tough part is when we operate across the board with our automatic thinking. When we let the past and it’s “less than” associations rule our lives. And we do that in our own heads. In the conversations we have with ourselves. We do it when we perceive an event and then run it through our interpretations department. We do it by assigning meanings (words) to these events. We often create quite complex stories about these events and what they mean. These lead to the formation of belief systems. And what your beliefs are, will ultimately give you what your experience of the world can be.

And at the core of those belief systems are words and the meanings we assign to them. Which is, in essence, what this little experiment is about. Awareness of what we make things mean. What certain words mean to us. And that’s what we’re exploring. One word a day. One word at a time.

And in addition to that, we’re exploring the beginnings of creating a meditation practice. Or, as I’m beginning to call my own practice, “Conscious Relaxation”. Meditation is a big word, lol. And I realized while doing this experiment that I have invested that word with a lot of “seriousness”, a lot of meaning. I realized that all my past attempts at meditation were doomed to failure by that meaning. By that seriousness. I made it impossible for me to truly enjoy the experience. I was constantly judging my performance. My ability to quiet my mind. By changing the language of it, I approached it in a very different way. I realized it was just a form of relaxation. A way to consciously relax. And I found that my mind was indeed becoming quieter.

The meditation image is here for a couple of reasons. One is as an aide to meditation if it helps you to have a visual to focus on. The other is as a tap, a conduit to your subconscious. What is it you feel, or see, or think when you look at the image? What do the colors do for you? Do you see shapes, figures or symbols?

If you’re new to this experiment, you can click here to go to day one if you wish.

If this is “old hat” to you, well, then you know what to do…

Today’s meditation image…

Meditation image for the Conscious Life Experiment Day 16. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

And today’s word is “gossip”…

Conscious Life Experiment Word of the Day. Day 16. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design

As always, your thoughts, opinions, insights and feelings on this little experiment are very dear to us. So please, share them.

Yours in creating a more creative possibility,

P.S. To my treasured and beloved Zengirl… Again, my gratitude and love for all that you do for this man.


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