Conscious Life Experiment: 30 Days of Awareness. 4 Minute Meditation Day Eight.

The beginning of week two of this little experiment in becoming more conscious of the automatic thoughts, ingrained ways of thinking and more aware of what we associate with words. Why? Well, I believe that to truly be free, one must know one’s self. And the place where that happens is our thoughts. No, we are not our thoughts, but rather the awareness of them, but it can be quite enlightening to discover just what those thoughts are saying. In essence, the stories they tell. Or more accurately, the stories we tell ourselves.

Many, many people, very nice people, some who feel they are quite enlightened, have some really limiting stories and beliefs about what’s possible. About how the world is, how people are. About themselves. And those interior conversations are the ones that rule our lives. They really do determine how happy, how fulfilled, how much love we are going to experience. Because trust me, we won’t let ourselves feel anymore than we think we deserve. With love. With abundance. With anything.

So this little experiment is the beginning of recognizing those word associations. Recognizing what we make certain words mean. Because we are the ones who decide what these words mean to us. They have no power in and of themselves. Random arrangements of letters. We decide how much power they have. In our heads. In our lives. Some will be more charged and potent for you than others. And some will seem, as one reader put it, “eerily appropriate” to the days events.

The image is here as a meditation tool. Something to help open the channel. But there is no right way, or wrong way to do this. If you want, just grab the days word and write it down. I would tell you to jot down your first, initial reactions to it. Then take it with you the rest of the day. Revisit that word at the end of the day. Any new feelings, new observations?

I would encourage you to do the quick meditation. No, you won’t sink into any deep meditative state, but it’s just designed to give you a few minutes of peace. A few minutes to clear your head. For those who struggle with meditation or have in the past, perhaps it’s a way to build towards longer and deeper meditations.

If you’re new to this experiment, click on the Conscious Life Experiment 30 Days of Awareness link at the top of the page to get to earlier posts. The Conscious Life Experiment link will give you some background and thoughts on the project.

If you’ve been here before, well it’s great to have you back…

Here’s today’s image…

Meditation image for Conscious Life Experiment Day Eight. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

And today’s word is “Gratitude”…

Conscious Life Experiment Word for the Day. Gratitude. Day Eight. ©2013 sacred Square Art and Design.

And please, let us know what you think, what you feel. Any insights, thoughts or anything else you might have. The small staff here at The Square loves to hear from the outside…

Yours in the possibility of expanding the possible,

P.S. To my treasured and beloved Zengirl… my gratitude  and thanks to you for all that you have given and continue to give me.


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