The Metaphysical Gardener’s Guide Vol 4: More Tripping With Roses. High Vibrational Mind (and Body) Art for those who enjoy such things.

Yeah, more tripping with roses in the garden. Actually it’s just one rose. The first of the second round of blooming on my red rose bush. I’m actually amazed that I’ve managed to keep  it alive for four years and it’s sister rose, the yellow rose, alive for two. I can’t say I have a green thumb though I do notice that when I am in flow with the garden, interacting, observing, that things are better. Both in the garden and in me. I am of the earth. I enjoy laying on it. Walking barefoot has become more of a thing.

The roses, like the orchids, are high vibrational creatures. Living systems. An ecosystem inside an ecosystem. They’re alive! And that life energy comes through in the smoothness of them. In their three dimensionality. Is it any wonder that flowers have captivated humans, painters and photographers for ages? I think not. They are some of the most stunning life in the visual world.

So lets jump in to the psychedelic healing garden of roses, shall we?

Here’s Rose Square 3…

"ROSE SQUARE 3" is a intensly psychedelic art work for mediytation and other interior pursuits. It is based of a photograph of a rose. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

This was one of those boom, then stillness images for me. The boom from that high chakra center. The purple interior world. And that bright, bright color outside the rose itself. Like stained glass with light pouring through. The stillness from that deep red, the way it unfolds towards the bottom and top. There’s that symmetrical  beauty that nature has in spades. It stills us with the order of things, And that is perhaps the difference between the blasting and the garden. The blasting has more chaos in it. It’s a chaos that reveals an order, but it also a random chaos between human and inanimate. With nature, you have a higher order. Millions of years of evolutionary development and refinement culminates in a rose, or an orchid, or the leaves of a tree I know not it’s name, But this is only my perception of it.

Let’s go dive in to Rose Square 4…

"ROSE SQUARE 4" is another psychedelic and meditation art work and image created by combining a photograph of a rose with a mind that truly enjoys tripping. ©2013. Sacred Square Art and Design.

Another boom. That brightness, that energy is just uplifting to me. It comes through my eyes and explodes in my head. And damn, I’ve only smoked a bit of hash while writing this. Honest. The richness of the blues. The shining pearlessence of the pink/yellow/aqua/green/orange blending… yummy stuff for candy kids and non-ravers alike.

Remember… tell us what you think. Tell us what you feel. Tell us anything you’d like. The small, but attentive staff here at the Square do so enjoy contact with humans… yo could say they are genetically engineered and predisposed for it…

Yours in all that is possible… go be it.

P.S. To Zengirl… the garden is the space….


2 thoughts on “The Metaphysical Gardener’s Guide Vol 4: More Tripping With Roses. High Vibrational Mind (and Body) Art for those who enjoy such things.

    • Thank you! It is it’s own thing. And yes, there is a vibrancy in it that is quite beautiful. I think it’s the nature of the subject. The life energy really comes through in these. I’m in the process of making some large posters out of some of these.

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