The Metaphysical Gardener’s Guide Vol 3: Tripping With Roses. High Vibrational Mind (and Body) Art for those who like playing in the dirt.

Orchids started it… and honestly, I didn’t know if could get any cooler or more vibrational than those trippy things. And I still really don’t, lol. But these two pieces using one of my second round of blooming roses, well, they just got some serious beautiful going on. Once again the co-creative is nature in all her wonderous splendor. Much like the work with the orchids, this work with roses is just vibrating and the colors are jumping. Bright, chakra colors and more along with subdued shades and pastels. Psychedelic by all means and quite the meditation tonic I believe.

And there’s some very cool stuff that shows up in the randomness of these. It’s not the same as the spray blasting. There’s different energies at work. There’s a life force, a life energy in the plants that comes through in a different way. The co-creative is revealed in a more complete way to me. With spray blasting, the co-creative appears along the axises, the intersections. And it shows itself in the symbols, hieroglyphics, faces, totemic figures, animals, and all the various things that manifest along those intersections. It shows itself in the overall feel and look. In the shapes that it helps to create.

Through embracing randomness, I find that I embrace the mystical and infinite in me. I find that I feel closer to truth and the divine energy of creativity. When I am in process on these, I am consumed and illuminated by the work, by the process. There are times a stillness comes over me as the art work comes together and I see it for the first time. There’s a boom sometimes as I feel the top of my head metaphysically blow off from an energy rush. That’s been happening of late, especially with the orchids and these roses.

Creativity, or perhaps more accurately accessing creativity is an interesting thing. Stepping into the space and expecting to be met with the co-creative is a great way to begin. There’s a surrender in it. The burden is not all yours. The sometimes heaviness, especially when we try and force the issue, is not present. You can step into flow because you expect to. Because you are inviting it. Calling the Little Goddess (for those who don’t already know, I call the energy, god, the whatever, I call that the Little Goddess. Yep, it’s a ten year old girl that lives inside and flows through me. My inner child connection to the divine.) out to play. And I believe that the universe loves to play. Loves to create. And is always looking for playmates.

So, c’mon, lets go play…

Here’s Rose Square 1

"ROSE SQUARE 1" is a psychedelic, meditation flower art work and image based of of a photograph of a rsoe in my garden.. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

How’s that? To me, it just glows mystical, magical illumination in the center. A world with its own language. It’s own energy. Beyond my normal vision. Taking the real and perhaps, showing it’s even more real nature.  For the most part, higher chakra colors and that gives me a certain feeling that, because of conversations with Zengirl, I am more aware of once again. I feel a sense of being more awake, more alert, more open. The plant art in general, and the flower art in particular, seem to be bringing that awareness out in me. I can feel the best of these in my body. In my consciousness.

But enough… here’s Rose Square 2…

"ROSE SQUARE 2" is a very heady lower and higher chakra psychedelic meditation image and art work. This baby is meant for falling into and engaging the eyes of the Goddess. Don't believe me? Check it out... ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

This one… wow. This one hit me big. The colors? Oh hell yes. That red, blue, purple dominant… but those EYES?!?! Those red eyes are the most “human” in form and clarity of anything that’s shown up in the work so far. And that blows me away. And yes, I know, I’ve made close to 300 or so of these things. So perhaps it was just bound to happen. But, to a man who is experiencing so much more in his life, well these eyes are like mind blowing to me. A sign? The eyes of the goddess looking back? The next King Crimson Retrospective CD cover art? Seriously…. this one is really something special and unique to me.

So once again, there you have it. And do please tell us what you think, what you feel, what you hear in your head. Tell us your experience. Tell us we’re fucking crazy. We’re good with it.

Yours in expanding the possibility and creativity…

P.S. To my beloved and so very special Zengirl… I’ll meet you in the tipi in 30 minutes… You pick the artist, I’ll pick the album. I made dinner and I’ve got some good wine decanted… 🙂


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