Conscious Life Experiment Day 2

Conscious Life Experiment: 30 Days of Awareness. 4 Minute Meditation Day Two.

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What is this? A simple 30-day experiment in raising our awareness and consciousness and, in turn, our levels of joy, gratitude and happiness.

So let’s begin Day 2 of this experiment in raising our collective consciousness. Of becoming more aware of the meanings we assign to words and the language of the interior conversations that rule our lives. And to giving ourselves 2 four minute solitudes each day to begin a practice of consciousness and meditation.

For more explanation and the background to this project, click on the Conscious Life Experiment page at the top of the SS home page.

Here’s the quick and dirty…

The tools? An image and a word each day. You could think of them like the front and back of a Conscious Life Experiment Card. A small notebook to record thoughts and observations.

The method? A two part system.

PART 1: 3 Minutes. You stop by each day and look at the day’s post for CLE. Close your eyes. Notice your breathing. Slow it to a deep, slow rhythm. Feel the tension in your body. Begin to consciously relax your body, letting yourself sag a bit. Begin with the shoulders and move down. Open your eyes and stare at the image. Allow yourself to float a bit with it. Notice the feelings the colors and shapes elicit in you. Notice any shapes, symbols, faces, figures, totems, space, landscapes or anything else you see.

PART 2: 1 Minute. Look at the word for that day. Jot down your first thoughts and feelings about the word. These are most likely the most meaningful to you, or a pointer to what meanings and feelings you’ve assigned to this word. Now, keep the word with you in your consciousness for the rest of your day. Notice how it applies to situations and events during your day. The world is the great teacher. The world will show you the way.

IMPORTANT POINT: Do not become apprehensive if the word for the day conjures “negative” feelings or if it feels like a “negative” word. Remember, that which we resist will persist. No word is “negative” on its own. It only becomes “negative” by the associations and meanings we give to it in our minds. Awareness and consciousness to those meanings is the doorway to freedom. To joy. To fulfillment. Know thyself.

Here’s today’s image…

Conscious Life Experiment Meditation Image for Day 2

And today’s word is “Desire”.

Conscious Life Experiment Meditation Word Day Two. Desire.

See you tomorrow… enjoy and expand your insights and awareness. Know thyself. And please, share your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

Yours in conscious living and the pursuit of awareness…


2 thoughts on “Conscious Life Experiment: 30 Days of Awareness. 4 Minute Meditation Day Two.

    • Why thank you! I’m pretty happy with that piece too. That border is a golden trippy thing and I do love how it frames the aqua/green/blue of the center.

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