“The Metaphysical Gardener’s Guide, Volume 2” Consciousness Candy: It Melts in Your Mind, Not in Your Mouth. High Vibrational Psychedelic and Meditation Art with Orchids. Breathe… Relax….

More from the new exploration of orchids. Consciousness candy indeed. The colors, images, shapes bring forth all sorts of feelings and thoughts. High vibrational? Oh hell yeah! Orchids just shimmer, and here, in process, they explode and reveal something more, something deeper. Flowers are consciousness changers. They do awaken us to contemplate the beauty of the divine and nature. And nature is divine. Mystical, ancient and ever evolving. This world of ours, this extraordinary planet is rich with life, rich with life energy. Nature evokes the sacred in us. Stirs our awareness of the truly beautiful. One need not believe in god or any higher power to experience this. In nature it is almost impossible not to feel the connection, the great thread that runs through all life forms and energies that are this planet.

And these particular flowers, these extraordinary orchids, they just breathe consciousness. They invite us to contemplate the mystical, the sublime, the pure beauty of the world. So go ahead, take another hit…

In retrospect, it’s really no surprise that this journey of creativity has brought me to plants and flowers. When you think about it, plants are the dominant life form on this earth of ours. Perhaps the most essential. And they give us so very much. They exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide, providing air for all animals and humans to breathe. They offer us extraordinary beauty in the palm of our hands. They teach us the circle and flow of life in their seasonal changes. They provide enriching, life sustaining foods. They bring us medicines and cures for ailments and disease. They change our perceptions and consciousness. They awaken us.

In short, plants are truly extraordinary.

So lets jump to the visual synesthesia and enjoy….

"ORCHID 4A" is a metaphysical and psychedelic art work and consciousness expanding image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Now that blue, well that should get that third eye cooking, heh? Seriously, what’s the feeling in your body when you look at this?

"ORCHID 5A" is another trippy psychedelic chakra inspired art work using orchids. Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Mmm…. now isn’t this an interesting thing? Red serpents? More throat and third eye blues and that deliciously ethereal color and glow in the center. And a couple of red hearts for good measure…. but, really, what do you see?

"ORCHID 6A" is a new tribal psychedelic orchid artwork and image for meditation and dream tripping. Also works well for chakra work like healing or boosting your desire for a little fun. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

Boom goes the orange. There’s something deliciously gooey good about that orange and the way it goes into the pink. Lots of chakra colors and a great deal of that light blue. Two eyes in the center….

Remember… we appreciate and love hearing what you think, what you feel, whatever is going through your head when you stop by, so please, let us know.

Yours in the possibility of possibility…

P.S. To Zengirl… I’m going to hold back your favorite until you get the time to do the write up. Your feelings, thoughts and insights are most enlightening, baby…


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