Preview image for the Conscious Life experiment lauching this Sunday. ©2013 Sacred Square Art and Design.

The Conscious Life Experiment Begins This Sunday. Grab some Awareness in just a few short minutes a day. Honest.

This is something I’m quite excited about. An experiment in expanding awareness and leading a more conscious and thus, fulfilling life. It;s a very simple concept and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. There’s some background information and thoughts on the Conscious Life Experiment link at the top of Sacred Square. But really, it’s quite simple…

The goal is to become aware of what “thoughts” and “emotions” run through our heads on a daily basis without us really being aware of them. The tools are a meditation image, and we are talking 3-4 minutes of meditation twice a day, and a word for each day.

The image is there to unlock the mind, alter perception and perhaps create another doorway or window into yourself. The word is there for you to consider, to see what the “automatic” programmed responses are. It’s a word to carry with you through the day and see how it shows up in your world and in your head.

Pretty straightforward. A word like “fear” for instance may be somewhere in the 30 days. What does that word trigger in your mind? Jot down those associations, those meaning. It may trigger it’s opposite. Take the word with you and see how it applies to the situations and events you encounter. In essence, get to know thyself better and observe the world.

In the process of this, the hope is that we will all have a “bump” in awareness. In consciousness. And that would be really cool. That would make for a better world. The less humans behave like pre-programmed robots, as slaves to the past and it’s fears and the future and it’s worries, the better things will get. When you can break free of your personal dogma of meaning you stand a chance of breaking free of the ego and it’s need to be right, to control. And if we can do that… oh my, we could do some cool stuff, couldn’t we?

So I invite you to spend a few minutes a day here for the next thirty days and leave your thoughts about it. And if you miss a couple days, don’t quit. Just keep going. every step we make towards our higher selves towards expanded and loving consciousness, is a big step for all of us.

Tune in this Sunday!

Yours in shifting the paradigm and stirring the Culture soup….

P.S. My thanks and respect and gratitude to my most beloved and adored Zengirl. Without you, my darlingest girl of a girl… this wouldn’t have been possible.


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