“Have You Ever Been Experienced?” 13 Slices of New Psychedelic Art Pie for the Not Necessarily Stoned, but Feeling the Munchies. Visual Conversations with The Co-Creative. Structural Rehab for Tired Minds.

No, not necessarily stoned. But experienced, nonetheless. It doesn’t take drugs to free yourself from the illusions of the mind and its conversations. But they can help. Especially the psychedelic variety. Many folks prefer the “natural” trips of mushrooms or peyote or other, more esoteric substances provided to us by Mother Nature. And some are just fine with well crafted chemicals like LSD, mescaline, DMT or a host of other such laboratory experiments. Personally I can go either way.

But as wonderful as those substances are, there are other ways to expand consciousness. Lots of other ways. From Tai-Chi and Yoga to spiritually alive literature or simply some time spent in the garden observing the micro-ecosystems that arise when you stop treating the grass like it was a carpet.

There’s also a growing sense in myself and others, most noticeably my beloved Zengirl, that art, also has that power. The power to trigger a perceptible bump in awareness. A consciousness elevator. Now, I’m not saying that by staring at these pieces that you will raise your consciousness and suddenly become aware in a way that you may not have been, but it could happen. And I know that it is happening to me the more I explore the field of possibilities this method presents. For it is, or certainly seems to be, at least to me, a visual conversation with something outside my own self. For lack of a better descriptive or to perhaps steer thoughts away from the G word, or any affiliation with any sort of relig-mo think or predetermined spiritual idea structures (including my own), I’ve decided to go with Co-Creative.

Because that’s how it feels. Like I’m co-creating, like its  not all me, I or mine. And it feels really good. Feels energizing to play like this. To not have all the control. To allow the random chance to affect the work, to move it, nudge it, shove it to wherever it needs to go. It feels good to play. Without the heavy seriousness of being an “artist”. I guess I’m discovering that one of the many things I am, or at least my egoic state is, is  a “stuffist”. I make “stuff.” Is it art? Many people would say yes and I’m quite sure as many if not more would say no. It really doesn’t matter to me. It’s not my job to decide what it is, it’s my job to make it. That’s a very freeing concept for a person. To surrender the result, the reaction and simply indulge in the process. The making. The doing. The present.

But I digress, lol. Because it’s a visual conversation. Between me and the co-creative. Between you and the piece. What interests me is how it makes you feel. What you see in these. Now perhaps that’s still the work of a results oriented mind, but I am certainly not claiming to be Baba Ram Yogi looking for his Booboo. Nope. I just claim to be a stuffist. So here’s the stuff…

“Untitled 17”

"UNTITLED 17" welcomes you to the Post Jibbersih rehab waiting room in the psychedelic art gallery. By Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013.

“Untitled 18″…

"Untitled 18" is a new tribal psychedelic art work and image by sacred Square Art and Design. It is also a favorite of Daffy.

“Untitled 19″…

"UNTITLED 19" is a trippy ass new psychedelic mind bender art work and image by the House of Strangelings other wise known as Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013.

“Untitled 20″…

"UNTITLED 20" is a new psychedelic art work and image for psychonaut explorers courtesy of Sacred Square Art and Design in conjunction with the co-creative energy. Yes it is.

“Untitled 21″…

"UNTITLED 21" is a bew tribal art inspired psychedelic art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. Functionlab Division. ©2013

“Untitled 22″…

"UNTITLED 22" is a predominately red psychedelic art work and image which should cause a stirring sensation. No guarantees. No provisions for loss. Sacred Square Art and Design.

“Untitled 23″…

"UNTITLED 23" is a new psychedelic art work dominated by higher chakra colors in an effort to elevate my mind out of the gutter. Results are not established yet. Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“Untitled 24″…

"UNTITKLED 24" is a new tribal psychedelic art work and image by Head Stuffist Cosmo of Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013.

“Untitled 25″…

"UNTITLED 25" is a rather interesting peyote inspired vision of psychedelic art and image. Not for the timid! Well, maybe. Sacred Square Art and Design. 2013

“Untitled 26″…

"UNTITLED 26" is stuff for your crown chakra. Open up and say Ahhhhh... Trippy psychedelic art and madness by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013.

“Untitled 27″…

"UNTITLED 27" is the funk! The pure psychedelic peyote funk! High in the low desert howling naked at the moon and calling to the big energy. Stunned into stone silence by the El Mescalito. Dream Tripping. Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

“Untitled 28″…

"UNTITLED 28" is the age that no great rock star lives past. Or it could be something emtirely different. Psychedelic, visionary art if such a thing could exist. Sacred Square Art and Design.

“Untitled 29″…

"UNTITLED 29" is a very dense psychedelic and new tribal psychonaut art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design and Flow Lab Co Creative.

And, like all good stuffists… I’ll throw in a Bonus Track!

“Untitled 30″…

"UNTITLED 30" is a bonus track so to speak, a visual bonus track of new tribal psychedelic psychonaut art and image by Sacred Square Art and Design in co-operation with Flow Lab Co-Creative Syndicate. ©2013

so there you have it… enjoy, explore, relate your explorations and considerations. Send us your thoughts, opinions and deep thinks…. feed the fire. Within yourself.

Yours in creative stuffing… of any and all sorts…

P.S. She lives in a tree house in the Kingdom of WeHolly with her girlfriends and her practice. She inspires and ignites. She is quite the girl, extraordinary, rare and unique. And I love her muchly.





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