“ALL SOULS 1 & 2” New Dream Tribal Psychedelic Art and Image for Divination and Returning to the Mystic.

The result of listening to Van Morrison while watching Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian with the sound off and noticing that, much like Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz, they seem to go together quite well. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Which part isn’t, well I’ll leave that open to debate.

A variation caused by the randomness of co-creation is what these pieces are. So very similar, yet different, one flowing into the other in a sense. Two different photographs of the same area of blast plate. Similar, as in very, very similar digital treatment and the result is this pairing. “All Souls 1 and 2”.

Intense reds and aqua blues mixing with the darker tones and the purples and pale colors. The change in the piece from one to two, as if the thing is opening, the energy changing. Damn good trippy shit. Psychedelic visionary standing out on the plateaus of the inner frontier. Talking with the Oracle of Hi-Fi.  Dream tripping. I want to see this in motion.

Divination? Why not? Zengirl has pointed out how these works continue to reveal a sacred geometry and symbolism to her and yes, I see lots of symbols, faces, bodies, manifestations in these. Is that the work of the co-creator? The creative force of the universe? I would have to say, that yes, yes it is. These things are created in a most random fashion with plenty of opportunity for synchronicities both seen and unseen to occur.

But enough word thoughts…. time for some Vizuwullzation… as Daffy might say…

Here’s “ALL SOULS 1″….

"ALL SOULS 1" is a new tribal, dream tripping psychedelic art work by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Dive in my fellow travelers… explore it and tell me what you see… For me it’s like The Oracle of Hi-Fi waiting for you to ask the divine intelligence a question… something like, “What shoes should I wear with this?”

And now, “ALL SOULS 2″…

"ALL SOULS 2" is a new tribal, dream tripping psychedelic art work and image intended for such lively interior pursuits as meditation, kundalini yoga practice and mushrooms. By Sacred Square Art and Design.

Oohhhh that delicious blue diamonds center expanding and getting ready to answer the question you asked the oracle of Hi-Fi.

So, as always, enjoy, sink down into it and by all means, communicate back your experience. Tell us what you think, what you feel, what you see… the staff here at The Square is small, furry and devoted to interactions with other humans… they love to play.

So do we…
Yours in navigating the creative unknown…

P.S. Hit the mat baby girl… rock that shit hard.


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