“Memories of the Heart” New Tribal Psychedelic and Psychonautic Art and Images. For the pursuit of interior wordless conversations and other interesting investigations.

Decided to do something a little different with this post. One piece, but I added some detail shots that you may enjoy. I wanted to get you “closer” to some of the deliciousness that is going on in this one. I may do this with a few others. Then again, I may not, lol. Actually I think it enhances the experience of these pieces when you can see down into them and bear witness to the psychedelica boiling in those petrochemical interactions. Damn trippy and it gets me thinking about light show/slideshow/movies kinds of things with these. I really do need to get off my ass and learn to put that together in iMovies.

So why “Memories of the Heart”? Well, there’s that beautiful green that dominates the piece. Green the color of the heart chakra. Empathy. Love is green after all. Hmmm.. the jazz guys were right. The hot flashes of red, orange and yellow. The lower chakras… the passions. Much needed. While I could lead a life of empathy, compassion… without the complete set of passions (body, mind, spirit, heart) there would be much missing. The blue in the piece reminds me of the throat and third eye, higher chakras. The blue encases and informs the heart with memory.

But here, for you, my fellow travelers of the rivers of the mind and psychonautic, modern day Lewis and Clarks, is the piece, “MEMORIES OF THE HEART”…

"MEMORIES OF THE HEART" is a new tribal psychedelic and psychonaut art work and image for meditation and other interesting interior activities. By Sacred Square Art and Design.

Energy. Life energy. Spirit energy. A vibrant piece and the black gives it a wet depth for those glowing, peyote head colors to sit against.

Lets fall into Detail #1….

Detail 1 from Memories of the Heart a psychedelic and psychonaut art work.

Flying over the seas of Neptune, lol…

and continuing right along… no throwing cigarette butts out the window,… Detail #2

Detail #2 from Memories of the Heart a new tribal psychedelic art work by Sacred Square Art and Design

As is always the case with matters of the heart… its the little things.

And lastly but far from muchly, Detail #3

Detail #3 from Memories of the Heart a new tribal psychedelic art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design.

The glow of that yellow green… ahhh… energy just shimmering in this little slice.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed getting a little deeper into the work. As always your comments, thoughts and opinions are appreciated and wildly hailed when the arrive by the loyal, but vastly underpaid staff here at the Square. So share yourself.

Yours in the pursuit of something,

P.S. To my beloved quark of a girl, thank you once again for your inspiration in all things… and by your example.


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