Preview image for "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO..." a new tribal psychedelic art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design.

“Have You Ever Been To…” A New Tribal Psychedelic and Psychonautic Art Work and Image for Meditation and other Intriguing Interior Pursuits.

This one came out screaming… “Jimi!” And so what else could I do, but call it what I have? Heavy psychedelic, mind melting colors. Bright and trippy. Big energy in waves. Like sucking on a scarf soaked in Sandoz’s finest, lol. Oh hell yeah. And to hopefully enhance your experience of this piece, I’ve included some detail images from the original, high resolution image.

“Electric Ladyland” is one of my favorites. Rich and varied in textures and moods. Extraordinary compositions blended with guest appearances by some very cool musicians and Hendrix, along with engineer Eddie Kramer, pushing the boundaries of late 1960’s recording equipment resulted in a masterpiece. From soft, psychedelic, Curtis Mayfield inspired soul of “Have You Ever Been To (Electric Ladyland)” to the deep tripping trilogy of “1983”, “Moon, Turn The Tides” and “Still Raining, Still Dreaming” there is a wide and deep exploration of music on this album. Jimi coming into his own. Jimi expanding.

And that is why this piece is named as it is. Expansion. Growth. New energies and explorations. With or without the chemical aides…

So, the question remains my sailors on the always trippy seas of life…

Have you ever been to… electric ladyland?

Buckle up… here we go…

"HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO..." is a new tribal psychedelic and psychonautic art work and image for meditation and other interior pursuits like gobbling up some high quality Swiss made LSD a nd going outside into some beautiful nature and just feeling the big vibe wash over you.

Yeah. It is so very Hendrix. And to think so much randomness is involved. Love the golden top and bottom framing that electric neon pink as it melts into the yellow, orange and red… this fucker is infused with vibrant energy color.

Now, lets slide down a bit deeper into the details, shall we?

Here’s Detail #1

"Detail 1" from "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO...." a new tribal psychedelic and psychonautic art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013

Now that’s some gooey, delicious fun, heh? The yellow and shades of blue mixing with the pink and reds. The green.

“And down and down and down we go….” Here’s Detail #2


The little things, those drops and speckles of color against the backgrounds. The almost liquid feel of the line between the upper orange/yellow and the lower pink. The subatomic world? Life under a microscope? The methane seas of Saturn? What do you intuit it to be?

“And walk the out of style…. the out of style…” here’s Detail #3…

"Detail #3" from "HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO..." a psychedelic and psychonautic art work and image from Sacred Squuare Art and Design.

Textural psychedelica courtesy of pure random chance and an interesting combination of analog and digital art making. Spray blast raku for seekers and the just plain curious.

And let’s finish with Detail #4…

"Detail #4" from "Have You Ever Been To..." a new tribal psychedelic art work for seekers of visual stimulus. By sacred Square Art and Design.

Fire and water mixing it up in the mind. Delicious trippy candy.

Hopefully, as always, you’ll enjoy these explorations as much as I do. But even if you don’t, your critiques and thoughts are highly prized here at The Square. Enjoy and keep exploring…

Yours in the endless sea of possibility

P.S. To my inspiration and muse, the ever enchanting Zengirl… thank you for the latest musical turn on… she’s on the box now.


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