Preview image of "ELECTRIC NATIVE 5" is a new tribal psychedelic and psychonaut art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. Use as needed.

“Peyote Dreaming: Electric Native 4, 5 and 6” New Tribal Psychedelic and Psychonaut Art and Images for Meditation and other interior pursuits.

The other three “related” works in this series of new spray blast raku. Electric natives of the meta-psychedelic desert. Or what geologists and climatologists refer to as the “High Desert”. The very high desert. New Mexico has some high desert and is one of my favorite places. It also has some gorgeous pine tree wooded forests covering mountains. Just beautiful. Magical. Truly the land of enchantment.

And these have that Land of Enchantment feel to me. Vibrant. Electric. Damn trippy energy surging out and through them. Some, have an almost mandala quality to them, Zengirl has been talking about mandalas with this work. Maybe it’s coming out of those conversations rerouted into my subconscious creative factory. Maybe not.

Accidental random chance at work. Some control, some decisions, but a lot of “guidance” from the outside. The way outside. This line of work has been a completely new thing for me built on a very old thing. My first forays back into visual art in any real way were with spray paint. Mad blasting in the dimly lit or completely dark backyard in Northwest Chicago. Heavy fumes hanging in the spring and summer air. The beginnings of new explorations, new ideas, fuck, it was the beginning of a new life. A life that’s lead me back to that process, back to the beginning. Led by an extraordinary girl of a woman who talks to spirits and sees things I don’t. A creature of immense compassion and soul. A capacity for love that inspires me. Truly the soul of an angel. Soft. Deep. True.

And so I’m blasting in a different backyard, on different material, in the bright sunlight, or a cloudy, rainy day. Now, in this latest round, with colors of my choosing. I’ll choose differently on the next batch, but I think I’ll keep the pallet small. Restrained. Throw a boundary, a limitation into the mix of randomness.

Intense, trippy and quite the energetic things. These ones need to be on the wall. Big. Might make for a damn cool light show thing. Or perhaps album covers for deep trance electro grooves or mellow Ibiza jams. Or maybe I’ll make a roll of stickers and turn them loose in the world…. something to consider.

As is this… “ELECTRIC NATIVE #4″…

"ELECTRIC NATIVE 4" is a new tribal psychedelic and psychonaut art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. It's ideal for thos ewho want to drop a hit or nibble on some mushrooms and groove on the visual. Perfect for meditation and the contemplation of the Philosophy and Zeitgeist of Daffy Duck.

Electric lotus unfolding in the center. Very “natural colors, stone like in many ways serving as background to that big energy emanating from the center. The colors going to the neon, the dark richness of blues and purples. Delicious and such an organically wet feel. Daffy! Quick, grab the test tubes and the scales… get it on out of here…” 🙂 Tip of the hat to “Kid Charlemagne”…

More from that side of the mental fence… Here’s “ELECTRIC NATIVE 5″…

"ELECTRIC NATIVE 5" is a new tribal psychedelic and psychonaut art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design. Use as needed.

Electric “hearts” beating in the field of all possibility. Across the spectrum from one another. But moving. That  stone-like thing happening again in parts of the background. Textured and cracked, sometimes quite smooth in appearance. The splashes and dashes of vibrant, mostly primary color. For some reason I’m thinking of Cirque Du Soleil. Odd. The dark richness of purples and blacks in the center. Deeper colors. Falling in to the pool.

Let’s dive into this one… “ELECTRIC NATIVE 6″…

S"ELECTRIC NATIVE 6" is a psychedelic and psychonautic new tribal art piece from the spray blast raku labs of L.B. Rachel. H.P. Grimsely and T.T. McTavish in cooperation and cocreation with

Like meteors shooting out from wherever meteors might be inclined to shoot out from. Energy bolts. Lots of “boom” on this one. From that dark center area to the “feathers” hanging or sticking up, depending on which way you’re going. And so much depends on that now, doesn’t it? Make for a fun sheet of blotter.

I can only hope you enjoy the work and feel free to drop your thoughts, opinions, rambling, precise, however they come out, on our digital doorstep. The crew loves interaction with humans.

Yours in creative random anarchy and other fun possibilities…

P.S. And yes she is…. all that.


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