“Devotion” “Mojo 1” and “Prophecy” New Tribal Psychedelic Art for Meditation and other interior pursuits.

Back with some new things after a bit of a break. Still working on finishing up some I Ching related posts, but they’ll have to wait as this stuff, this line of work seems to be calling the shots right now. These three pieces, along with another 20 or so, are the result of a new series of spray blasts done with a limited palette. Yeah, I had just about exhausted the two milk crates of used spray paint that a friend gave me and it was time to head off and get some fresh cans. The results? Well, I really like them. But, you be the judge.

Working with some standard, basically primary colors and incorporating the randomness of the petrochemical reactions, this new series of works has brought out some cool stuff. Some very cool stuff. Once again this is a combination of analog and digital processes. It all begins with blasting thick and heavy with the spray paint. Once again I did this on metal. The results of just the raw blast were quite extraordinary and I sealed the metal as I intend to keep it as is, for it is art in and of itself. As the paints were interacting and drying, I shot a series of digital photographs which I then brought in to the computer and applied a few manipulation techniques. These works are the result of that.

First up is “DEVOTION”…

"DEVOTION" is a tribal psychedelic and spiritual and meditation art work from Sacred Square Art and Design.

As the Dead once sang, “The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion”.  And indeed it is a golden road. I love the way the colors are so intense in the center strip. The yellow oranges with that delicious blue edging it. For me I see two travelers along the road heading toward the singularity of the center. And that is devotion. A place where two become one. The great melting circular shapes around it, like whirlpools of color. That green turquoise color, the purples, reds and blues. Just good stuff for the mind’s eye. Tripping. I dig all the black. It frames the colors and makes them “pop” more. There’s good textures on this one too. Especially the east and west borders.

Here’s “MOJO 1″…


Mmmm… that red orange. Fire. The heat of creation and those dark areas. Faces. Demons? Angels? Perhaps both fuel the creative. That connection to the divine. Why “Mojo 1”? Well, yeah, there’s the Morrison thing. Jim was certainly wired to both the light and the dark. And in many ways we all are. Of course the light, while not a viscerally exciting as the dark, offers a purer conduit to the creative. At least that’s what I’d like to believe.

Here’s “PROPHECY”…

"PROPHECY" is a new tribal psychedlic, spiritual and meditation art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design.

“Softly spoken magic spells….” ahhh yes. The Dark Side of the Moon is where we may find this hieroglyphic. Lost cultures. Alien races. The vast pool of life that is the universe. For me it’s all in that center strip. A message coming through the peyote visions. Markings and symbols forming by random chance in the chemical and digital soup. The colors running darker. Good, heavy textures. Delicious stuff. A star map to guide us.

So there it is, the first round from the latest blasting. More to come.

As always, enjoy and remember that your comments, thoughts and opinions are not only welcomed, but cherished. The staff here at the Square loves contact with humans, so feel free to share yourself.

Yours in the possibility of expression…


P.S. To my cherished and oh-so-treasured Zengirl, all the love in my heart is yours, always yours.


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