“PERSIA 3”, “NAVAJO” and “HIGHWAY” Tribal Psychedelic Art for Meditation and other Interior Pursuits

From the Generational Collaborational Joint Blasting Collective… lol… well now, that’s some stoned pretension… but seriously, more work in the land of random creativity or Spray Blast Raku. The results of playing in the creative with my son Zander. These are probably the last ones I’ll post up from that session. I’m feeling a need to return to some I Ching works and refill the well. And also, I’ll need to go get some spray paint, some new colors and such. Perhaps see where some neon color blasting will lead me.

These works have really been an absolute joy and loads of fun. I’ve become obsessed with them, lol. I’m thinking of putting them out as poster prints and some as possibly t-shirts. Zander is going to be doing the festival circuit as much as he can this summer, so there may be an outlet there. A good test market of the psychedelically inclined, the spiritually open and those who yearn for the quiet mind of the meditative monk while enjoying the mondo throb of the bass zilla or the dog whistle high notes of a bluegrass ukulele master. Or something like that.

Here’s a return to the flying carpet textile company… “PERSIA 3”

"Persia 3" is a tribal psychedelic art image influenced by peyote, mushrooms and other substances in the search for spiritual meaning and meditative enlightenment

Climb aboard. The green “face” welcomes you and that warm and luxurious golden hued center invites you to stretch out and groove on the plushness of this fine ride. Textural and dimensional. Trippy little things inside things..

Next up is “NAVAJO”…

"Navajo" is a tribal psychedelic and spiritual and meditation art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design. ©2013.

More North American native to me in feel. The red and blue are like feathers, the center diamond shape almost a leather color and texture. An arm band or a shield. Ceremonial. Look for a “face” in the green. Rich greens and blues. That’s why I called it “Navajo”.

And then there’s “HIGHWAY”

"HIGHWAY" is a trippy and tribal psychedelic peyote dream art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design and a wonderful excuse, if one is needed, to get into a spacey or deep meditation and groove on the spiritual nature of the world. Or not.

This one also has that North American native feel to me. Perhaps that has something to do with how I associate the primary colors to that. With this one though, it’s all about that center to me. A very interesting area. Almost “alien” to me. An alien thing in the great western desert. Shades of Roswell. Maybe I should have called it Roswell? Maybe not.

Any way, there you have it. The last of the spray blast stuff (except for one more solo piece I’ll post later today) for awhile. How long? Who knows, but I’m thinking,, not that long.

Remember your comments and opinions, no matter how strange and convoluted they may seem to your so called friends, are welcome here at the Square. So drive by and toss them on our doorstep with a smile and a feeling of self accomplishment.

Yours in making stuff…

P.S. To Zengirl who is locked in her tower of creative composition,  banging away fiercely at the keys of a worn, vintage typewriter, crafting her eloquence and street cool hipster culture jamming self into a fine story that I’m quite sure will make it to the silver screen… write, baby, write. 🙂


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