“DMT”, “SEAHORSES” and “INDIA” Tribal Psychedelic Art for Meditation and other Interior Sports

These are from the other day of spray blasting with my son Zander. Adding the new wave of randomness that is another person to the equation which already has some delicious variables in it. The interaction of the various petrochemicals as the pile up and interweave with one another. Then the photographs themselves. I take them quickly, trying to not think about the framing too much, just point and click. Then the last steps inside the computer, the digital realm. Manipulating and arranging. In many ways this reminds me of the multi step process of pottery.

With pottery you have the initial work with the clay itself. Forming the vessel or the sculptural object. Then there’s a period of allowing it to dry before applying glazes. Then the addition of randomness, the fire of the kiln. For most experienced potters, especially those engaged in either production or those that are developing techniques for very specific results, the goal is to reduce the random effects. For those who do Raku or wood firing techniques, the goal is often the opposite. To celebrate the random results produced by the fire and the chemical interaction of glazes and other substances. This process of the spray blasting is quite similar to raku. Many variables.

The results of all that randomness? Seriously heavy psychedelic trippyness. Peyote visions and other psychedelic influences. This first one is certainly a jump from everything that went before it. Electric Kool Aid Acid Test stuff… Bright and shiny. Like candy kids at a rave. Check it out.

Here’s “DMT”…

"DMT" is a tribal psychedelic peyote vision spiritual and meditation art work and image from Sacred Square Art and Design.

The neon greens and pinks. An electric rabbit dj spinning the groove for the sub atomic dance party. Quarks to the left, neutrinos to the right.


"SEAHORSES" is a tribal psychedelic and spiritual meditation art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Ooohhhh… dig that chakra lotus eye opening in the middle. The red “seahorses” dancing around it. Love the colors in this one. That beautiful blue. Celestial. The bright reds, deep greens and that delicious orange. Grey-purples. My thanks to my beloved Zengirl for the title to this one and “DMT”.  A beautiful landscape for the mind.

And lastly, but not leastly… “INDIA”

"INDIA" is a tribal psychedelic and spiritual meditation art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design.

That seventh chakra opening in the center. Celestial imagery. Why India? That’s what popped in my head. I often relate these works to geography, to topography, to places. For me this is India. A mystical place. Totally different from my expectations. The purples and blues with the orange-yellow red corners framing it all like clouds. Nepal, the top of the world. The world’s crown chakra.

As  always your thoughts, comments and opinions are welcomed and appreciated. So feel free to dispense them. The staff here treasures and relishes contact with the outside world.

Yours in creativity and the possible…

P.S. To my Zen, My Muse, the woman I love… thank you as always for all that you do and bring to this man…


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