“DMT 2” Bright, Shiny, Trippy Fun. Psychedelic Art for A New Tribe of Seekers.

After seeing “DMT” pop into view for the first time on my computer monitor, I think I was fairly destined to go down that road a little further in play and experimentation. And the result, at least this result, is “DMT 2”. Another bright neon green and pink creation. Different from the first DMT. Not as smooth, there’s a more granular thing going on with this one. Just as damn trippy, if not more so in it’s “I’m in the desert and I ate some peyote and I threw up and I am tripping my ass off…” kind of way.

This was actually done from a photo from a much earlier (one of the first) spray blasting sessions. Well, I could write about it’s general trippy, psychedelic nature and all the things it reminds me of or makes me long to forget….

But, it’s freaking visual art… so I’ll shut up.

Here’s the image for “DMT 2”

"DMT 2" is a tribal psychedelic art work for seekers of the great inner truth. By Sacred Square Art and Design.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have taken that second hit, eh? Not as much pink as it’s predecessor, but some cool orange-yellow and purples in the house. Intensely detailed. I’m seeing “faces” and “head/bodies” all over this thing.

Feel free to drop your thoughts, opinions, insights, wild ravings and any other form in which you communicate, on our digital doorstep. It’s quite nice to hear from the outside world as one does not make art in a vacuum.

Yours in pushing it out just a little further…Cosmo

P.S. She really is all that. And more.


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