Preview image of "Jimi At Monterey" a tribal psychedelic art work and wallpaper by Sacred Square Art and Design.

“JIMI AT MONTEREY” Tribal Psychedelic Art Wallpaper

“Yeah, purple haze all in my brain…” Ahhh… Jimi. James Marshall Hendrix. An iconic rock star. Perhaps THE iconic rock star. Totally cool. An Aquarian Man. Peace, love and acid. Maker of some of the most beautiful and terrifying guitar ever played. Cool as in the coolest cat in the room. Any room. A style that defined rock style. Sexy. Sensual. Vulgar,  A musician who loved to just play and would jam for hours on end with damn near anyone. One Funky King.

When it comes to rock and roll royalty, Jimi looms large. This piece reminds me of Jimi. Or the art that surrounded Hendrix in that 1967 to 1970 time frame. But especially 1967. Summer of Love. Summer of Drugs. All this piece needs is a flying eyeball in the center and some illegible unless stoned lettering announcing a concert at the Fillmore West and boom… poster print. Or perhaps just as it is. Wallpaper the guest bathroom in this. Monterey by the sea. Monterey Pop. That must have been damn magical.

I love the colors, the acid drenched and soaked colors. The squiggly and wiggly vibration of the thing. Imagine it all just changing colors while you tripped the light fantastic to Axis Bold As Love. Mmmm… yeah, Jimi.

So here’s my tribute to the man, the legend…


"Jimi At Monterey" is a tribal psychedelic art wallpaper image in tribute to Jimi Hendrix by Sacred Square Art and Design.

I can hear the saucers landing….

As always your comments and opinions, wild ideas and thoughts are appreciated beyond what you may think. So feel free to drop off yours.

Love, Peace and Jimi…

P.S. To my “voodoo child”… mmmm… all my love baby.


2 thoughts on ““JIMI AT MONTEREY” Tribal Psychedelic Art Wallpaper

  1. I really don’t wish to brag, but I happen to be one of the few who has a “Cosmo” hanging on my wall. Darling, I’ve been so ravenous for your Purple, I’ve scavenged Sacred Square for all I may carry, that I may liberate myself in a Spiritually Imaginative immersion into the color of Spiritual Imagination. Curious about the sudden intense addiction, spawned by your work, I researched the matter. Such a Consciousness you open in the Divination project. Muchly thankful. —

    • 🙂 Well now, aren’t you the lucky one, lol. And you’re right, you are the only one who has a big print. There are a growing number of psychedelic inspired youth that have 11×17 prints. The website is quite cool and a great place to get some color theory of the spiritual kind. I’ll post that up in my next post for those that stop by. And I have a special surprise coming for you in regards to some new work. And, btw, I love you!

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