Generational Collaborative Randomness or “Hey Carl! Check this out…” Tribal Psychedelic Madness Disguised as Art? Deep Spiritual Meditative Meaningfulness? The Work of Deranged and Socially Unacceptable Minds? You decide.

Big fun and another unexpected twist to this ever growing, all consuming and deliciously creative madness. So while blowing and blasting away out in the backyard the other day, my son, Alex, or as I loving refer to him, Zander, pops over and decides to join in the obvious fun that dad was having. Have at it lad. Tear into it. No, don’t think, just grab a can and press spray. And that’s what we did. Bits of conversation while immersing ourselves in the petrochemical ballet taking place on the metal sheet in front of us. Playing. Encouraging. Stopping. Observing. Taking pics during the session. Redoing and re-blasting. Gobs of it. Gooey.

Fuck yeah! Good stuff. Adding another element, perhaps the ultimate element of randomness one can add to anything. Another human being. Another set of preconceptions. Another set of boundaries. Another set of ideas. Beliefs. Aesthetic. Hell, another set of everything. Re-lation-ship. Collaboration. Interesting stuff. Another set of New Energy works. We got a good 10-12 pieces out of this session. Different than what had gone before. Building on it in a way. Extending outward from it. Two minds creatively playing. Allowing the conscious and certainly the subconscious to emerge and have some fun. Interacting with the paint and each other, cool things happening.

The result is some seriously interesting stuff and some definite leaps forward and sideways. I could go on and on, but really, it’s about the art, so here it is…

First up…  “CELTIC”

"CELTIC" is a tribal, psychedelic and spiritually influenced meditation art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Oh my… this one just kills me. I love the colors, love the “celtic” style  knots and the green… electric. Golden skulls on the east/west axis? perhaps you see something else… The colors running up the center blackness, the golden framing. Damn… this one really has it all. Tribal old world. Vikings and Norse gods and goddesses. “I come from the land of the ice and snow…” indeed!

Next up is “EVENING”…

"Evening" is a tribal psychedelic and spiritual meditation art work from Sacred Square Art and Design.

Dark with that deep, deep blue area in the center. That just pulls me in.  Like a pool I want to dive into. The greys and blacks really set this one off nicely.And the faint tints of lilac and purples. Of course the bronze “tire tracks” really frame that center area up. Happy accidents. Random occurrences. Trippy ass peyote dreaming. Creating some good textures and dimensionalities.

And now we have “Dark Magus”…

"Dark Magus" is a tribal psychedelic and spiritual meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Like Miles, lol… chasing down the voodoo. There’s a “face” in the center looking out amidst all that swirling yellow green energy. The green blues and deeper blues. The bursts of white light. I was listening to Miles when I was creating this one.

And lastly, for this post anyway, here’s “The Stars, Like Dust”…

"The Stars, Like Dust" is a tribal, psychedelic and spiritual meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design

The title? My tribute to Isaac Asimov, who filled my brain with visions of other worlds and races spread across the deep, mysterious sky of a Midwest summer. The colors of this one just jump. That big electric green, grainy and textured, set against those brown red pinks. The little “figures and “faces” at the top and bottom. And then there’s that energy flowing. In or out? Golden into or out of the blue shape in the center. The great generator. The star making machinery. “We are star dust, we are golden…”

More of this work coming in the next posts. Until then, enjoy and remember… your thoughts, opinions and comments are greatly appreciated and received with much joy here at The Square. My staff of Lucy Rachel, Tavish and Horus exhibit a dog-like devotion and treat each incoming missive with an excitement and reverence that speaks to their love of interaction.

Yours in making it possible, whatever it is…

P.S. To my cherished and beloved Zengirl, my love and thanks to the sweetest girl any boy could wish for…


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