“Pharaohs” Tribal Psychedelic Art for the Spirit and Meditation.

Playing around inside these always seems to lead to something. This was a quick thought that produced one of those “Aha!” moments that I live for, lol. Removing the color and seeing what happens in the realm of black and white lead to this. “Pharaohs” is the result. Why that title? Because the top and lower areas have a very “head” like feel to them for me. Kingly. Looking down into the valley. Seems to have the head dress of a pharaoh to me. Pharaohs was the first word that popped in my head.

Trippy in a restrained way. A different way. Like a negative of a black and white photograph. Different in feel than all the rest, yet still belonging to the same tribe. An albino perhaps. Pigment removed. There is also a color version of this, but I think this one needs to stand alone. Perhaps I’ll post the other later. Perhaps not. Strange, I now have that old Wings song, “Spirits of Ancient Egypt” playing in my head… Don’t judge,,, lol.

Another one from the rain session of the other day. I love the texture the rain drops add to these. Who knows where that will lead to. It’s supposed to storm and rain all week.

Here’s the image…

"Pharaohs" is a tribal Psychedelic art work for spirit and meditation by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Enjoy and remember, your comments, thoughts and opinions are much looked forward to and result in a general feeling of happiness for the staff here at the Square. So feel free and participate.

Yours in creating the possible,

P.S. My love to my cherished and treasured muse, the ever enchanting Zengirl. For all you do and bring to this man, I love you baby.


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