Preview image for "PERSIA 1" is a tribal psychedelic art and omage for spiritual meditation and recreational drug use. By Sacred Square Art and Design.

“PERSIA 1 and 2 and BLANKET 1” Tribal Psychedelic Art

Meditate. Get spiritually inclined. Or just get a little high and groove on these trippy patterns.  Very textile-like to me. Those rain drops creating more textures in an organic/analog/digital culture soup of influences, inspirations and random creative occurrence. The last of the rain session spray blasting. Three pieces that all exhibit a certain softness, a chalk on the driveway feel. In fact, as I look at them I’m feeling a helluva an urge to get a bucket of big pastel chalks and have it on the driveway. Hmmm… maybe if it stops raining at some point this week. Nothing like a little inner child play to unlock and unhinge the doorway to imagination and creative madness.

And in many ways creativity is a bit of a madness. Like all obsessions. A wild fire that can rage for hours, days, weeks, months… and fuel you, drive you to make, to create, to simply be in the process. And creativity isn’t limited to the arts. No, not at all. That same kind of thing occurs in anything and with anything you have a passion for. And its the juice of life. Let’s face it, a life without true passion, well that just doesn’t really sound all that exciting now does it? No, it doesn’t.

But back to the visuals… these all share some similarities to me, and also some differences. There’s that tribal thing that seems to ride through a lot of this work. The little patterns and symbols that seem to appear. Also the rather totem-like quality of certain areas of an image. The textile thing for me is in the softness. Like wool blankets. A little fuzzy. Warm. Wrap yourself in one on a cold night.

Here’s “PERSIA 1″…

"PERSIA 1" is a tribal psychedelic art and omage for spiritual meditation and recreational drug use. By Sacred Square Art and Design.

Why Persia? I think it’s the feeling of the colors. And what appears as a figure to me in the center. This is a flying carpet for trippy dreamers and head full of mushrooms believers. Thick and plush with a sunrise at the top and bottom. What more could one ask for/ Well, a genie would be nice…

Here’s “PERSIA 2”

"Persia 2" is a tribal psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art work for people with open hearts and minds by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Dig that purple at the top and bottom. Royal. Lush. Another flying carpet complete with peyote shaman faces or perhaps genies…the energy just flowing into the center and back out. A plush ride for Aladdin… purely high magick…

Here’s “BLANKET 1”

"Blanket 1" is a tribal psychedelic and spiritual meditation art work from Sacred Square Art and Design and would make a damn fine rug.

While this could have been called “Persia 3”, it seems more native tribal to me. As in Native American tribal. I think it’s the way I perceive the colors. The yellows especially. And perhaps it reminds me in some way of a sand painting. I like the geometry of this one.

Remember… pass the doobie to the left hand side… 🙂 and your comments, incoherent rants and ramblings and well thought out critiques are treasured and welcomed by a staff that is starved for attention and suffering severe psychological damage from childhoods of never ending privilege… please, help them if you can.

Yours in re-fucketizing the culture soup…Cosmo

P.S. Doesn’t a flying carpet sound just deliciously dreamy? Oh hell yes it does.


One thought on ““PERSIA 1 and 2 and BLANKET 1” Tribal Psychedelic Art

  1. have you been able to copy the text you wrote about the front and back of each cast to send to me

    On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 12:32 PM, Sacred Square: Inner Journeys in the

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