“The Little Goddess and three other New Energy pieces” Psychedlic Spiritual Meditation Art and Images

Ahhhh… a mixed bag of unrelated works from recent blasting sessions. All quite different in their feel. Further experiments in the spray paint  blasting and digital manipulation duality. These all have that in common, but from there, they diverge in feel and content. All have the psychedelic, the spiritual and the meditative in them for those that wish to see and feel such things.

First up is “The Little Goddess”…

"The Little Goddess" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art image by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Very green/blue at it’s core. Heart chakra to me. Very stone-like, an ancient feel to it. Celtic perhaps. And it feels as if I’ve uncovered an ancient energy, the home of The Little Goddess. For me, the term, “The Little Goddess” speaks to my boyhood and to my creative nature. I was an only child. I spent a great deal of time playing in my own imaginary worlds. And there was an energy to those worlds.  A feminine energy that was the yin to my excessive boyish yang. This image speaks to me of that.

And now let’s move on to this one, “EGG//SEED”…

"EGG//SEED" is a psychedelic spiritual and meditation art image by Sacred Square Art and Design

A very different energy to this one, The colors brighter, a general softness to it. It feels very tribal to me. And the way the oval came together made me think of old psychedelic posters of the “cosmic seed or cosmic egg”, hence the name. Loving the cat-like green “head” inside the egg or seed. Same with that orange color, just a really delicious thing happening amongst the randomness of the spray paint and the digital manipulation.

This next one is called “The Body Electric”, a tip of the hat to Ray Bradbury…

"The Body Electric" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art image by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Pushing the colors hard. Bringing out the neon like intensity. Pure white center, a power source. The heart. A snapshot of a moment inside the electrical body. Cellular level? Perhaps the world of sub atomic particle physics? Just thoughts… it’s really all up to you.

Next up, another variation on the feel, the energy…. “And You and I”

"And You and I" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art image from Sacred Square Art and Design.

Higher chakras. Lower chakras. The intense detail in the petrochemical interaction of the paint. For me, this one is very trippy. Very acid inspired, lol. Dreamy state of very high.

So there’s the next group of this body of work. I’ll most likely be posting these daily at this point as there is quite a bit of work from yesterday and today that are taking the process further down the road. Adding new elements of randomness. New elements of creative expression.

As always, your comments, thoughts, wild ideas and deep thoughts are appreciated and welcomed with great enthusiasm. For those of you in what I’d like to call the “Free States”, ie, the ones with legalized marijuana or at least, medical marijuana, have a cupcake, a lollipop or a bowl, and enjoy. 🙂

Yours in the pursuit of the creative possibility,

P.S. My thanks and love to my most cherished girl. Thank you baby.


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