“Anasazi One and Two” Tribal Psychedelic and Spiritual Art for Meditation and Recreational Drug Use.

In my mind these two pieces are related in a sense. They just strike me that way. Both have that native tribal thing going on. New Mexico kind of vibe and color. Certainly western landscapes. And that’s one of the things that I really do love about the spray paint blasting process; it yields all types of interpretations. A spirit space. Geography and topography. Small spaces, large spaces. Sub-atomic spaces where quarks and neutrinos play. Interiors and exteriors. And so much more. Lots of duality in the mirrored out image. Lots of fertile ground for the individual subconscious to play and make connections. Particle jumps inside your brain. Memories and moments colliding and rearranging. That’s some good shit, lol.


"Anasazi One" is a tribal psychedelic inspired spiritual and meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Soft and glowing with, for me, shamans on the cardinal direction points. Earthy and yet, that other dimension is so very much a part of it. That luminous center and all the texture. Energies expanding or contracting. I want to touch it. Tactile. Textile.

Here’s “ANASAZI TWO”….

"ANASAZI TWO" is a tribal psychedelic influenced spiritual and meditation art work and image by Sacred Square Art and Design

Different? Yes, but also something the same. Very landscape to me. Mountains. Plateaus. And it really has that chalk on a driveway texture.

Of course, what you see and feel is up to you. Enjoy.

And please, feel free to comment, leave an opinion, perhaps an outburst. Our small but dedicated staff of marsupials loves to read your thoughts nearly as much as they love bacon. And my gosh, they love bacon.

Yours in the possibilities… and wet spray paint.

P.S. To my muse… my treasure of a girl… thank you baby for everything.


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