“Chakras #2 and #3” New Energies in Psychedelic Spiritual and Meditation Art

Two versions of the same piece is what creates Chakras #2 and #3. Another round of digitally manipulated Spray Paint blasting, or New Energy series work. What makes these two different is the way the panels have been arranged. Same spray blasting and manipulation, just with a different arrangement.

Why chakras? The colors, the feel of it. It has that delicious light to it and also a feel not unlike chalk pastels. The texture and softness and brightness of the colors. The texture almost reminds me of the heavy blotter paper used in printmaking. The result of heavy blasting. Quite nice for meditation and for the occasional dropping of certain psychedelic substances I’m thinking.

Anyway… here’s “Chakras #2”

"Chakras 2" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art image by Sacred Square Art and Design

And here’s the variation, “Chakras #3″…

"Chakras 3" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art image by Sacred Square Art and Design.

What a difference a little change in the order brings us. From the open center of the top piece to the flower like center of the bottom. I’m loving the randomness that the spray paint blasting brings this series of work. The three step process allows for control and chance and that is making for some very interesting stuff. The faces and “spiritual” symbolism that seems to be present in each and every piece. But of course, that is my perception and not necessarily yours. But it is highly enjoyable and energizing to indulge myself in this kind of creation. A little control, a little random roll of the dice. What I’m finding is that the pieces find themselves. They come together of their own hand.

So remember… your comments, thoughts and opinions are most welcome and encouraged by our small, but determined staff here at The Square. They are also always looking for good quality chemical enhancements and of course good, cheap tacos. Help out where you can.

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. As always, my love, respect and admiration to my beloved. She gives me much and is the source for much of the energy and inspiration  that informs this work.


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