Preview image for "The Sheltering Sky" is part of the New Energies Series of psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art by Sacred Square Art and Design.

“The Sheltering Sky” New Energies in Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art

Deep. Reds. Greens. Purples. A psychedelic sky, and acid dream vision. Lying flat on my back staring up into the Milky Way, head full of peyote, or mushrooms. Feeling closer to god, the Goddess, to whatever that energy is. The big hum of the world. All the life humming, blending together in to some universal world harmony. I always feel it when I’m under the influence of a psychedelic. Especially in the natural world. A forest, a tree. The ground itself. Alive and vibrating.

This piece reminds me of that. Of staring up into the night sky. The stars and clouds. Spread eagle, feeling every molecule of not only myself but the entire world. Feeling the light of those stars pouring down into me. Penetrating me. We are the same thing. Quark particles formed in the beginning of the universe. The beginning of all things. We share the essence of it. Of all things.I breathe and the sky breathes with me.

There is a divine magic to the psychedelic experience that those who haven’t experienced it cannot truly comprehend. A connection to all things that I assume can also be achieved by states of deep meditation, or yoga, or tai chi, or perhaps in the zen of simply washing dishes. The thing about psychedelics is that they make you (well, at least me), very aware of the present moment. Every little detail. Every little moment. Time both expands and distance shrinks. Not the physical distance, but the metaphysical one. The quantum distances between quarks and electrons. The collision of neutrinos in your lover’s hands. All senses amplified. Tuned to hyper frequencies. More alive than ever.

I could probably wax poetic about the psychedelic experience for many, many paragraphs. However, it may not seem that poetic, lol and besides, it is always a very personal experience even within a group. So, here’s the piece. Enjoy.

“The Sheltering Sky”

"The Sheltering Sky" is part of the New Energies Series of psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art by Sacred Square Art and Design.

This is one of the “New Energies” pieces. That’s to say that it is a duality of both the analog, or real world process and the digital, or computer world process. These works begin with spray paint on metal, or plastic. Photographs are taken and arranged and manipulated inside of a computer program. I post the results here.

This one was damn interesting in a different way than most of the others. Darker. A shape within the rectangle. Lots of in the greens and purples. The red deep and bloody. I love the center, that small flash of orange. This piece takes me.

As always it’s yours to enjoy or discard. Your comments, thoughts, opinions and critiques are welcomed and encouraged. The staff here longs for contact with the outside world. Feel free to rattle their cage.

Yours in the possibility of creating…

P.S. My love and thanks to Zengirl, my beloved and cherished muse. Without her, this work would most likely have never been made. Thank you my love.


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