Preview image for " iCAN//TATION" a psychedelic spiritual meditation art work

“INCAN//TATION” and “NATIVE 1: WOVEN” New Energies in Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art

More work from this new series of work based on the spray paint blasting techniques. These are what I call New Energy works. Essentially they are a duality and combination of the analog process and the digital process. The results are different from either process alone. These two pieces have a very “native” feel to them. At least to me. They remind me of Inca art and Native American Indian art in their colors. Of course, this is an interpretation based on my perception.

With “INCAN//TATION” its something about the shapes in combination with the colors that have me thinking about Inca princes on the plateaus and mountains of Peru. You may get a whole ‘nother thing altogether from it. Which is one of the considerations when giving thought to naming these pieces. Perhaps they should just be numbered and left more open. I don’t want to cloud your perception or influence it. You see what you see. However, lots of people like to get the “artists view” or thoughts. What were they thinking? What does it mean? And that’s kind of funny to me. Because I don’t really think when I’m in process. I just do. Especially with these. I don’t have control of the outcome. I have input in it, but the spray paint is it’s own thing. The petrochemicals do what they wish on some sub atomic level. Interacting chemically with one another. There is that “Jungian” randomness. Co-creation in many ways. And it all changes again when I bring it into the computer and play about shifting and manipulating the images.

Lots of little things begin to pop up in the work. They all seem to have “faces” in them. Symbols and shapes. Perhaps, as Zengirl has observed, they have a message. Perhaps not. At this point I really don’t question the work, but rather enjoy the making of it. The results speak for themselves. I find this body of work to be interesting. On a few levels. It certainly has a meditative quality to it. It’s quite nice to blow it up full screen and just sink in. Allowing myself the quiet. It has a spiritual nature to it also. At least for me, but again, you see what you want to see. What you’re wired to see. Perhaps I can move you, through the work, to another vision, another way of seeing something. Perhaps not. My job is to simply make. Create. The rest is up to others.

The psychedelic side of this work is pretty upfront and evident to me. Of course, if you’ve never indulged in psychedelics or experienced that, then this side of the equation is probably not so present for you. But for those of you who have, I think that aspect shows itself in these works.

But enough talk, time for some imagery… Here’s “INCAN//TATION”….

"INCAN//TATION" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Its that blue “face” in the center. That’s the Inca Prince I see. The red “fire bird” body or ceremonial dress. But again, that’s what I see.

With “NATIVE 1:WOVEN” it’s more Native American in flavor to me. Reminds me of much of that. The flavor of it. It’s like a textile, a blanket, hence the name. I can’t say a particular tribe, like Navajo or Hopi or Zuni. I am a great fan of Zuni art, actually of most authentic Native American art and “folk” or “tribal” art in general. It is certainly always been an influence, an informant to the art I make. Along with all the other influences and pieces that find their way into the blender. And art is a blender. A synthesis of input.Things inform other things and lead to something else. A step along the path, any step, takes us further. I think that is the nature of creativity.

Here’s the image for “NATIVE 1: WOVEN”…

"NATIVE 1: WOVEN" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Very much the blanket to me. I especially like those squares down the center and the blue “figures” that are in the areas extending from them. The real question is what do you see? Whatever it is, I can only hope you enjoy it as much as I do…

As always, your comments, critiques, thoughts and opinions are welcomed and matter. Feel free to engage.

Yours in creating the possible…

P.S. And, as is my custom, my love and thanks to my cherished and beloved Zengirl for all that she brings and gives to this man. Thank you baby.


4 thoughts on ““INCAN//TATION” and “NATIVE 1: WOVEN” New Energies in Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art

  1. Well within my field of interest Mr. Cosmo, and pray do continue creating. What is coming through has something to say. I’m exceptionally invested in all works of the new territory, yet the purplish one evokes such a soft heartfelt feeling. It leaves me yearning and in sympathy with something I cannot really define.

  2. Well within my field of interest Mister Cosmo, and pray do as Mister Newman says, won’t you Darlingest? What is coming through has something to say. I’m exceptionally invested in all the new territory, yet the purplish one is softer and truly does give such a feeling.

    • Well thank you so much baby! So good to have you drop by. For those of you who like to read a well written word or two, I would encourage you to visit both of Zengirl’s blogs. and She really is quite the writer. And yes, the purple one, “Native 1: Woven” has a very soft, very textile feel to me. A blanket to wrap around us while sitting in front of a fire on a cool May evening. And yes, I will keep creating, making and doing.

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