Preview image for "Cat's Eye:// DRAGON FLY" is a psychedelic, spirituasl and meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design.

“Cat’s Eye://DRAGON FLY” New Energies in Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art

This one is a current favorite. There’s just something about the colors. The energy of this one that takes me out further. That center area is just such a beautiful mix of color and shape. A delicious result of the randomness of the process. Spray paint blasting begins the process. That’s the heart of the work. Then photographing and bringing it into the computer to arrange and manipulate a bit.

Heavily psychedelic to me, like the very best mushrooms. A gateway to a spiritual sensation or a meditation. Open up and fall in. Dive in. It’s warm and inviting and speaks of a power. This one is all those things to me. So many little areas to explore. So many color subtleties. And the center draws me back to it. Cat’s Eye. Dragon Fly. Scarabs. Hindu gods. It seems to be expanding, a world within a world.

Fuck me, I love this one, lol…

Enough talk… here’s “Cat’s Eye:// DRAGON FLY”…

"Cat's Eye:// DRAGON FLY" is a psychedelic, spirituasl and meditation art work by Sacred Square Art and Design.

There’s a lot here… enjoy the exploration. I’ll be back tomorrow with a few more of these.

Your comments and opinions are much welcomed, or, as my beloved Zengirl would say, welcomed muchly. The staff here at The Square (as the staff likes to call it, lol) is always looking for some distraction to take them away from the work at hand. Feel free to oblige them and be such a distraction.

Yours in creative possibility and the quest to make more stuff…

P.S. My heart and thanks to my beloved Zengirl for being my muse, my lover and the best girl in the world.


2 thoughts on ““Cat’s Eye://DRAGON FLY” New Energies in Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art

  1. Oooooh! I’m as moved by your muchly mushylovee words as I am by your new dimension in art. These images are so very powerful, the subtle mystic figures, the richness of color, and the feeling that in the randomness of its creation, something else, is expressing itself through the work. The new territory is one of mystic power and I’m not just saying that onaccounta I’m in mushylovee with you Mr. Blake, I mean Mr. Rothko, I mean, Mr. Cosmo . . . if INDEED that IS your real name, Sir. *Kisses!* Zengirl

    • I’ll take those kisses…lol…. It all does seem to be speaking. All the works have that something to them. The best ones are quite extraordinary in that way. And that is the accidental. The random. The other side of the creative coin. I’ve always felt that my best work is a collaboration between the conscious me and the creative energy of the universe, or the goddess, or whatever one wants to call that beyond themselves. This format and process really is a great doorway for me to get to that. It makes accessing that easier. There’s a flow to this work process. A nice balance between traditional analog art and the digital realm I so also enjoy. Blake? Rothko? Hmmm… that’s pretty tall company my sweet girl. Thank you as always for your encouragement and support. It means the world to this man.

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