Preview image of "Muchly", a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art work.

“Muchly and Closer” Two Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art Works.

Two for one in this post. I debated giving these their own posts, but I decided to combine them. “Muchly” is for my cherished Zengirl and feels very much like a Georgia O’Keefe painting, which can also mean it feels like a flower that looks like a vagina that looks like a flower. A very sensual feel. So, is that why it’s for Zengirl? Well, no, not entirely.  It’s the title really. “Muchly” is a word, one of many such words, that Zengirl uses that absolutely delights me. She has an entire language of such words as she is quite the writer. She loves to play in words the way I love to play in the visual. So this one is for her. It doesn’t hurt that it has that Georgia-Flower-Vagina thing going on though.

I love that deep blue in the center of the blackness. And there is a very flower like structure to this one. Unfolding. Knowledge being revealed. Secret, esoteric knowledge. The kind of stuff they keep buried in the obsidian vault beneath the paws of the Sphinx in Giza. Yeah, that kind of knowledge.

The blasting session that produced this was done on a sign left behind from a builder contractor years ago. I knew there was some reason I kept it all these years, lol. You can see some of the lettering through the thick goo of the spray paint. This one is unmodified, purely analog except for putting it together on the computer. Lots of texture and ripple in this one. Much like my beloved. For she is “muchly” the woman. A heady cocktail she is, a delicious mix of unique characteristics. Smart. Funny. Sensual. Creative. She has a laugh that makes me smile in a big way and a way of saying “I love you” that just makes everything in the world disappear. She also plays very cool guitar.

But enough waxing poetic on my muse and soul’s mate… here’s the image, here’s “Muchly”.

"Muchly" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art piece inspired by my beloved Zengirl and the flower vagina paintings of Georgia O'Keefe.

This next piece is “Closer”. Similar to “Muchly” but far from flower like. Darker. Denser. The copper areas quite textured. The petrochemicals were really interacting on this one. Faces, symbols, all sorts of tiny things pop into view when I just let myself sink into a meditative state with this one. Love that green. A doorway perhaps. For some reason it strikes me as being very Inca.

Here’s the image, here’s “Closer”…

"Closer" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art piece that goes well with psychactive agents of all sorts. And perhaps tequila.

So there you have them. Enjoy. Meditate. Or not. Perhaps just space out and groove on whatever thoughts these things conjure in your mind. But most of all, enjoy.

Your thoughts, critiques, harsh examinations and wild eyed enthusiasm is always welcomed and appreciated by the staff here at SS. They long for contact with the outside world and they hunger for radical thought and a good conspiracy theory. Feel free to drop off yours.

Yours in the creative possibility…

P.S. I love you “muchly”…


2 thoughts on ““Muchly and Closer” Two Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art Works.

  1. I daresay, I believe I know JUST what was on your mind in this first creation. Naughty man! Why I never. Actually, they’re quite remarkable. I love the texture, giving such dimension and physicality to a digital medium. The color in the second one is quite something. The parallel mystic images vertically bordering either side are reminiscent of ancient architecture, and the rather Kingly image at the root are the random manifestations in this medium I am quite fascinated and taken with. What comes through? What does it say? It seems not of this age and appears to speak of Origin. Incidentally, with regards to the “some artist shit” you so eloquently mentioned you might include in your submissions to galleries, perhaps I could be of assistance? I feel I have a particular advantage in that, I actually believe the shit. Kisses Darling! Zengirl

    • LOL… well, that may have been on my mind. Just a bit. There is a ton of texture in these, as I went very heavy on the paint, really letting it pile up and get chemically interactive. I’m only using the spray paint I have, I actually haven’t gone out and bought any. These cans were given to me by a friend. I’m looking forward to doing a Home Depot run and picking out some colors. Most likely I’ll go bright primaries. And darling, my sweet girl, you will be the one who writes the stuff for the gallery disc. Oh hell yes you will.

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