New Energies: 3 New Works of Psychedelic Spiritual Meditation Art

This is a new energy. A new exploration that comes from extending the work. Playing in the possibility. Like most breakthroughs I’ve experienced in various artistic endeavors, this one is a small thing that yields an unexpected and really juicy-good result. At least in my mind it did. It was one of those pieces that I knew was good, was special… was going to take me somewhere. An exploration, a journey. And it did. A nice creative explosion in a short time yielded several pieces in both this new energy and the previous, more subdued energy.

This is still spray paint based, but now I’m adding some digital tom foolery to the mix. :). And the result is this interesting hybrid of both the analog (real) and the digital (computer) worlds. There is a wonderful randomness. As my beloved and treasured Zengirl would say. “Jungian randomness.” And it is. I can’t control the final result with the spray paint. There’s variables. Chemical variables, environmental variables of temperature and humidity and loads of pure chance. I can however, manipulate those results. And that is what this new energy is about.

And I’m digging the hell out of the results. It glows. It’s deep and it’s gooey. It’s meditative, letting you fall in to it. It’s got a spiritual component… faces, figures, symbols, all seeming to come from the paint. Accidental energies playing in the possibility field. Grooving in the petrochemical goo and then reacting to digital impulses in the binary code of the computer. New things happening.

So, most likely this is the first of what may be a few posts tonight. So I’ll shut up and let the stuff speak for the stuff…

First up: “Condor” which feels very Native American or North American Tribal, in many ways, hence the name.

"Condor" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art piece by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Next up is “TOTEMICAL” which has some really beautiful color things happening. I love the red in the center.

"Totemical" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art work from Sacred Square Art and Design.

And the last one for this post is “In The Beginning”…

"In The Beginning" is a psychedelic, spiritual and meditation art piece for those that would like to indulge such things. By Sacred Square Art and Design.©2013

Trippy ass shit. Very psychedelic wonderland. And it opens other doors of perceptions. You see what you need to see. Lots of delicious detail in these.

Enjoy, and remember your comments, thoughts and opinions are welcomed and appreciated  and will be answered and responded to by the undersized and overworked staff of hominids.

Yours in tripping the light fantastic,

P.S. Ahhh… My cherished Zengirl… thank you so very much for last night. Your insights, thoughts, suggestions and encouragement have fueled this work. You are my muse.


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