“Phoenix: Greeting The Sun” Psychedelic Art for Meditation and Recreational Drug Use

More wet on wet spray paint art. Deliciously thick and gooey. And, at least in my mind, quite beautiful and meditative.  And damn trippy in a psychedelic, pass me the mushrooms kind of way. This is the result of another session of blasting and blowing spray paint on metal sheets. In this case a very heavy gauge metal sign that someone “liberated” from the highway department. I got it at a yard sale. Honest. Although, I will confess to a little “sign liberating” in my youth.

This one came together in a few different incarnations before I settled on this version. I love the green and the outstretched arms or wings of the phoenix or person. It appears to me to be greeting a rising sun set between two mountains. Hence the name. Lots of delicious stuff, little details that emerge in this method of creating art.

There’s not a lot to say about these pieces, so I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Here’s “Phoenix: Greeting the Sun”. Enjoy…

"Phoenix: Greeting The Sun" Psychedelic and Meditation Art from Sacred Square Art and Design.

A word about recreational drug use… I do advocate that for many people, the occasional peek into a different reality, say one induced by taking some clean psychedelics like mushrooms, or good acid can be quite the beneficial thing. I don’t advocate excess. Although William Blake said the “road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom”, and in some ways he may be right, I personally never found all that much wisdom there. However, you may. I did find some interesting insights. Bring a notebook. Or a voice recorder. Sometimes you do get that really profound insight. Sometimes you just smile. A lot. Be careful, but also adventurous. There’s things to be gained.

As always, your comments and thoughts and opinions are welcomed and encouraged…

Yours in creating the possible,

P.S. To my cherished Zen Girl… keep writing, you’re so damn good at it.


2 thoughts on ““Phoenix: Greeting The Sun” Psychedelic Art for Meditation and Recreational Drug Use

  1. My first thought thought, before I read a word: William Blake. Maybe you channeled a moment of his genius? Or rather his Source. This is intense; rich in depth and dimension. I’m drawn into the texture, darkness and color muchly. This feels, inspired, co-creation. The creative chakra is strong, as is heart and voice. Symbols, mystic masks . . . the more I stare, the more I tumble in. An even richer dimension to your extant multi-faceted soul conscious/subconscious expression. My words are not conveying its impact. Fuck Baby. This really stirs me.

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