Something Fun and Playful: Space Invaders Meets The I Ching. Or, The Other Side of My Mind Gets It’s Say.

This is the result of an “Aha!” moment that occurred when I first saw all 64 hexagrams of the I Ching in a diagram. As I looked at the diagram I had this flash in my head of the classic video game, “Space Invaders”.  It was simply a matter of combining the 64 hexagrams with a screen shot from the classic game. Now realize that this was early on in my relationship with my beloved Zen Girl. She had been telling me about her experience with the I Ching and it was quite obvious that she held it in high reverence. I didn’t want to offend her or make light of an oracle I knew absolutely nothing about that was so important to her. So I shelved the idea in my mind.

As my own exploration of the I Ching began, I found  myself having conversations with Zen Girl about bringing the I Ching to the masses through art and design. Not that my efforts will reach “the masses”, but just how a mass produced object, something sold in a Target or Wal Mart for instance, can trigger consciousness in people who are simply looking at it as design. Something that pleases them visually without, at first, being aware of any deeper or symbolic meaning. Through those conversations we came to a place where I was secure in feeling that I wouldn’t offend her feelings if I took the images and symbols of the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching and played with them in different ways. Its all been an effort to explore in both artistic/creative terms and also the intuitive and spiritual doorways the I Ching itself has opened. But for me, the I Ching and it’s squares were calling out for some play. Some pop art in a sense.

So, the other day while looking through the seemingly endless list of “Widgets” for my Mac, I stumbled across the classic Space Invaders video game. So, I figured it was time to do this fun piece. I also think it would make a great t-shirt, but I’m sure there would be copyright and licensing issues and for now, well, legalities seem more headaches than I want to pursue. I may make a few just for me and a few other people I know.

So here it is… Space Invaders Meets The I Ching…

"Space Invaders Meets The I Ching: Fun Stuff from the other side of my brain" An I Ching inspired art and design piece by Sacred Square Art and Design.

I suppose I could have called it “Shoot Out Your Answer”; A whole new way of casting the I Ching. Of course, the hexagrams would be freshly mixed up each pass and the last two would be your reading. Hmmm…. okay enough, lol.

Enjoy and remember your comments and thoughts are welcomed and appreciated.

Yours in creating possibility,

P.S. I love you Zen Girl 🙂


10 thoughts on “Something Fun and Playful: Space Invaders Meets The I Ching. Or, The Other Side of My Mind Gets It’s Say.

  1. Sheldon, actually, I’m quite interested in the prospects of using the 3D concept and playing with ways to visually show the two heavens interacting with one another. I am however, not a 3D artist. And this post was not a response to that idea, but just something else I’ve been playing with. You haven’t bothered me or wasted my time at all. Quite the contrary, you have me thinking about the 2 heaven combination. I understand the difference between the two and how they would interact to form a cast. I’m just playing with some ideas for that in my head.

    • understand look at later heaven see three solid lines look at early heaven at the same place on that chart its 2 broken lines and a solid line at top mountain.

      use hexagram as an examle 6 that is heaven over water below. if you match laterriaams with early you get mountian over
      earth.that shows that splitting apart of the spirit results in conflect in the cast hexagram

    • have you done a cast and views the 2 or 4 hexagrams with 2 sets of changing lines

      On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 2:05 AM, Sacred Square: Inner Journeys in the Outer World wrote:

      > ** > thevoicethatguides commented: “You’re SO COOL!!!! Its play, not > sacrilege. I’m glad you went forward with your idea. —Zengirl” >

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