Preview image of "The Spirit Bridge" A Meditation Art work by Sacred Square Art and Design

“The Spirit Bridge” A Meditation Art Work

The space between worlds. The space where dreams and dragons exist. The super-conscious meets the subconscious for a midnight snack at the refrigerator and art is born. Well, actually it’s not all that mystical, lol… but it’s very fun and it’s not such a bad thing to trade a little mysticism for fun, right? Or perhaps, having fun, indulging the Creative, is the key to discovering the mystical. Hmmm… now there’s a thought.

Spray paint blasting and blowing on metal sheets. Heavy application, wet on wet. Then arranged like this. The analog presented by the digital. A new line of work developing inside a larger body of work.

I like to think of these as meditative pieces. Keys to unlocking things. Door ways. Passages. And thus its fitting that the title of this piece is “The Spirit Bridge”. A bridge allows for access between things. A bridge facilitates access to the other side. The other side of whatever you wish to access. The point at which you cross.


"The Spirit Bridge" A meditative art work by Sacred Square Art and Design.

Your comments, thoughts, opinions and even mad rants are appreciated and welcomed with an open mind and a laughing heart, 🙂

Yours in creating the possible,

P.S. My Shih Tzu’s name is Horus P. Grimsley. The P stands for Peanut and he is, like all Shih Tzus I have known, his own creature. He too, is a bridge. To where, I’m not always certain, but he, like his brother from another mother, Tavish T. McTavish, a Llhaso Apso and sister from next door, Lucy B. Rachel, a glorious mutt of unknown origin, is most certainly a bridge. I have tried to leave them to their nature without too much, if any, “training”. I like to experience them in their most dog like state. Of course, I may be completely crazy.


2 thoughts on ““The Spirit Bridge” A Meditation Art Work

  1. Ahhhh… Kilgore, I am always with you in spirit. But yes, I’m sure I would enjoy a visit of the physical kind with you and a few others of your ilk. Not that there are many of your ilk exactly, lol. But it would be nice to see that handful of souls that remain at the Cube Farm that I find enjoyably unique. Its kind of funny in a way, that after years of driving an insane daily commute, I hardly drive at all these days. I doubt I’ve put 2k in miles on the car since I left the place. I was rolling 30k consistently.

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