Preview image for "Pink Orchidness Meditation" Art work by Sacred Square Art and Design

“Pink Orchidness Meditation” Art for Meditation and Recreational or Spiritual Drug Use

Very much a case of orchidness. Spray paint blasting and blowing from a few days back. The more I sit and stare the more meditative these spray paint pieces become. I don’t have any hallucinogenics, so I can’t confirm how lovely these are under that influence, but I think they should be quite delicious. Simple and fun. Playing in the creative world.

My suggestion is to make it full screen and enjoy the Pink Orchidness.  Sink down into it.

Here’s the image.

"Pink Orchidness Meditation" Art work for Meditation and Recreational and Spiritual Drug use. By Sacred Square Art and Design.


And remember, that while marijuana is a really wonderful thing and one of the many ways the Goddess says she loves you, use with moderation. Same goes for whatever you’re using to unlock those doors. Certainly these substances are an aide to creativity and accessing other states and deeper understandings. I’ve always found that smoking weed has helped me access my intuitive side and usually serves as a booster to creativity. I can also go for months without altering my consciousness in that way. Just depends on how I’m running.

Your comments, thoughts, observations and opinions, not to mention stoned ramblings, are welcome, encouraged and celebrated.

Yours in creative possibility,

P.S. My thanks and love to my beloved and cherished Zen Girl. She has magic healing powers among her other super powers.


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