“The Receptive Never Ending” Art Inspired by the I Ching

Every yang needs it’s yin. And in this case, a whole lotta yin. The Receptive, Earth, K’un… the feminine energy. In terms of the hexagrams of the I Ching, it is the Receptive. In terms of trigrams it is Earth, In terms of this piece it is Zen Girl. Or my tribute to her. To her divine feminine energy. To the girl and the woman, for she is certainly both, who teaches me and expands me. The gift from the Goddess and the goddess herself who heals and nurtures me. To the muse that infuses my spirit and encourages me to create and explore. She is fiercely loving with a compassionate and empathetic heart. She is devoted and true. She is the piece of my soul that was lost when all souls were split and cast asunder. We are made from the same stuff. She is the love I have always dreamed of made real in the world once again. She’s all that and a lot more. This piece is for her.

This is another piece done with wet on wet spray paint on a metal surface that I have begun playing and experimenting with again. Essentially after blasting and blowing the paint, I allow it to dry and then take digital photographs of the end result. Once it’s in the computer I slice it up and create new works with the pieces.

For me, the I Ching and it’s hexagrams and trigrams are a continuing source of inspiration for art as well as for wisdom. Reading the I Ching is an exercise in insight as it provokes thought and contemplation on the everyday and larger aspects of my life. I have Zen Girl to thank for this. She was the person who turned me onto the I Ching. Yes, I had heard of it before, but never explored it until my beloved Zen Girl’s knowledge, reverence and enthusiasm for the text became apparent. One of many gifts she has given and continues to bless me with.

Here’s the image, “The Receptive Never Ending”. Original size 18″x 18″.

"The Receptive Never Ending" Art Inspired by the I Ching by Sacred Square Design.

Very topographic or perhaps biological. Or whatever you may get from it, lol…

As always, your comments, thoughts and opinions are welcomed and encouraged.

Yours in possibility and creativity…

P.S. For my cherished and adored Zen Girl. The girl I always dreamed of. The woman I always wanted.


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