Preview image for "The Creative Never Ending" Art and symbology of the I Ching.

“The Creative Never Ending” Art Inspired By The I Ching

Or perhaps, “A Whole Lotta Yang”…

This piece was created using the latest round of wet on wet spray blasting. This piece is symbolic of the Creative, or Heaven. The Creative is the first hexagram of the I Ching and it is made from 6 solid yang lines. Heaven or Chein, is the trigram made from 3 yang lines. The trigrams Heaven over Heaven creates The Creative hexagram. This piece is entirely made up of yang lines from two different sections of the spray blasting.

For me, playing like this, with the spray paint on metal, has been opening another creative doorway. So, I think this tribute to it is a logical and needed one. The wet on wet method with the spray paint is quite addictive. The patterns formed through the reactions of enamels and acrylics. It’s sometimes tough to stop blowing and blasting the paint on.

Here’s the image, “The Creative Never Ending”. Original size is 24″x24″.

"The Creative Never Ending" an art work inspired by the symbology of the I Ching

As always, comments, thoughts and opinions are welcomed and encouraged.


P.S. to Zen Girl… This one’s for you my most creative (and receptive) girl…


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