"The Creative and The Receptive: Another Take" I Ching hexagram spray paint art by Sacred Square Designs.

“The Creative and The Receptive: Another Take”/ I Ching Hexagram Art with Spray Paint

There is something wonderful and visually delightful to me about the hexagrams and trigrams of the I Ching. The patterns are most intriguing to me. The way the yin and the yang lines create negative and positive shapes. And the two that symbolize pure yin and pure yang energy, are the two I find myself drawn to the most when it comes to creating visual art. The hexagrams for The Creative and The Receptive. A perfect yin and yang pairing. The Creative formed from the trigrams Heaven over Heaven, consists of those 6 unbroken yang lines. Truly forceful. Powerful. Creative energy unbridled. Then there’s The Receptive with it’s six pairs of yin lines. Open. Waiting. A cup to be filled. Formed by the trigrams Earth over Earth.

This version of these two hexagrams is done with spray paint on metal. I saturated and soaked colors, allowing them to intermingle and chemically interact. Enamels and latex and god knows what else, lol. Then I took some digital pics of the finished sheet. The original metal piece was roughly 24″x18″ and I sort of broke it into 4 sections, or rectangles. The lines that you’re seeing as part of these hexagrams are slices from areas of these four rectangles. I’ve gotten a lot of very interesting stuff off this sheet. These are just one small sample

The effect of the wet on wet spray paint is really interesting. It’s cellular in a way, like biology, like looking through a microscope. It has that organic feel and a very topographic feel as well. Like a NASA photograph of Earth from space. I confess there’s a never ending fascination I have in looking at the work this method produces.

So without further ado, here is “The Creative and The Receptive: Another Take”.

"The Creative and The Receptive: Another Take" I Ching hexagram spray paint art by Sacred Square Designs.

This medium and method also tend to remind me of photos from the various NASA missions to Jupiter and it’s moons. And I also enjoy the meditative qualities of the large field pieces. I’ll put one of those, or a couple, lol, up next. Until then enjoy…

As always your comments, thoughts, critiques and opinions are embraced and casually disregarded… 🙂 JK. I love hearing from you.

Yours in possibility,

As always… my love and support to my cherished and treasured Zen Girl. She is the difference that makes a difference for this man.



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