Preview image of I Ching hexagram #62, The Preponderance of the Small done in spray paint on metal. Original I Ching art by Sacred Square Designs.

I Ching Hexagram 62: The Preponderance of the Small / I Ching Art with Spray Paint

It’s been awhile since I posted. At least a couple of weeks. There’s a pair of reasons for that actually. One, I’ve been fairly busy with other things and two, I was feeling the need to explore some new territory. I confess to feeling that I had explored the purely digital I Ching and Chakra art work as much as I could at the present time. Yes, I still have Travellers series pieces and some other strays that I could post, but they didn’t feel quite finished and I was feeling that, for now at least, that well was dry.

So what does a creative person do when the well seems to have gone dry? Play and fill that fucker up again, lol. So that’s what I did. Nice weather returned to the Chicago area and I got myself back out in the woods to start walking again. I also began changing my eating pattern back to a more “primal” based one. I found that when I did this before the increase in energy and the quick loss of weight were wonderful benefits. The winter had made me physically lethargic and my diet had suffered, so it was time to get rolling again.

Long ago, when I made the transition from making music as my primary art form to visual art, there was a period where I did a lot of playing and screwing about. With various mediums and techniques. One of my favorites was born from a trip to one of the home superstores, “Handy Andy”, that was going out of business at the time. I walked in and looked around. Thinking that I needed something to create with. I was feeling the itch. I wandered into the spray paint aisle. The price was right so I bought a ton of the stuff and then bought a few cases of adobe tiles. I ended up developing a technique of pure accidental fun. I’d place all the tiles out in the backyard on pieces of cardboard and wood and wait till it got dark. Then I’d blast away with the spray paint. Soaking the heel out of the tiles with all these different colors. I couldn’t really see what I was doing, which at the time was a good thing. In the morning I’d wander out and find out what happened. Results were always deliciously good. The wet on wet spray paint blasting produced some very trippy and very cool effects.

So last weekend, I cleaned up the garage with the express purpose of organizing it enough to create a workout area, which I did. I found a couple of old milk crates filled with spray paint of various types and colors that a friend had given me a couple years back. Aha! Back to my roots. I found an old metal sign out behind the garage and began blasting the hell out of one side. Took a while and yes, it was daylight so I could see what was happening. The results were mixed. The overall sheet of metal didn’t look that great but there were some exceptional areas. After allowing it to dry for a few days I flipped it over today and got back into the groove. The results were much better. These saturated spray paint pieces are quite the hallucinogenic feeling thing. They also feel very organic which is interesting. They have an almost stone feel to them. Zen Girl first observed this when I sent her some small pics of areas from the first test. Overall, I dig the hell out of them.

So I took some pics and began dissecting them and turning them into hexagrams from The I Ching. My, what a surprise, lol. I’m really loving where this exploration is taking me. I thought of doing a bunch, but I think I’ll stick to one hexagram at a time, with the exception being a combination of The Creative and The Receptive. But for this first one, I’m using I Ching hexagram #62 which is The Preponderance of the Small. The interesting thing about this hexagram was that it was the very first hexagram that both Zen Girl and I got in our very first readings which were months apart. Now how’s that for some synchronicity? Yeah,

So I thought, I’d share this and some thoughts on what this hexagram means to me. Not in any way a strict interpretation, but rather a reflection on it. I’ll toss some links at the bottom of the post to some more traditional style interpretations of this hexagram. For now, here’s the piece…

“I Ching Hexagram 62, Hsaio Kuo: The Preponderance of the Small”

I Ching hexagram #62, The Preponderance of the Small done in spray paint on metal. Original I Ching art by Sacred Square Designs.

This hexagram is constructed of 4 sets of yin lines and a pair of yang lines. It’s kind of like the letter H. To me the hexagram speaks to the need of remembering to focus on the small things, the little things. Sometimes I get caught up in chasing the big dream, or the big project and while that is good and it is necessary, I find that those dreams are usually moved forward by focusing on the small. I think it’s this way in all areas of life. With art, it’s the movement away from the big picture, the finished object and more of a focus on the process, the small decisions that create the bigger, finished process. In the business life it’s taking the time to focus on the baby steps, the little things, the details. In my relationship with Zen Girl and with my friends, it’s a reminder to pay attention. To listen to everything. Even what seems to be the mundane and everyday. To focus my attention and notice all the wonderful, amazing little things she does, all the small things she is that come together to make up this extraordinary woman. In all of life it is a call to focus on the details. The small things. For is it not these things that mark the rich moments of life? Yes, we celebrate the large victories and the big occasions, but this hexagram reminds us to celebrate the everyday. And there is much beauty and love and joy to celebrate everyday.

So there you have it. The beginnings of a new series of works utilizing wet on wet heavy as hell and soaked to the maximum spray paint on metal. As always, feedback and thoughts are welcome and encouraged.

Yours in the possibility…


And as always, my thanks and gratitude and all my love to my beloved and treasured Zen Girl for all the wonders she brings to my life.

And as promised, here’s a couple of links to interpretations of I Ching hexagram #62, Hsaio Kuo, The Preponderance of the Small. This hexagram is formed by the trigrams Thunder over Mountain.

Concise interpretation of hexagram 62

Wilhelm interpretation of I Ching hexagram #62


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