The Creative and The Receptive Go On A Date" is an original artwork influenced by the hexagrams of the I Ching by Sacred Square Design.

“The Creative and The Receptive Go On A Date”: Art of the Hexagrams of The I Ching

Well, yes, yes they do. Dinner and the movies? Maybe. I certainly see dinner in the mix, but I’d lean more towards a cozy supper club jazz bar and some slow dancing. After all, The Creative is certainly a master of wooing and The Receptive is nothing, if not a miss waiting to be wooed.

This is a further exploration of the bars or lines that really surfaced in “Nefertitti”. A code almost, a language, or perhaps a series of symbols. It also reminds me of a maze. This piece features two of the hexagrams of the I Ching, or Book of Changes. The first two actually. The Creative and The Receptive.

The Creative is characterized by six unbroken yang lines. Yang energy is outward in movement, masculine in nature. The Creative is always searching for ways to expand and create anew. In short, The Creative is always in search of The Receptive, for it is in The Receptive that The Creative finds the canvas and the instrument to create.

The Receptive is the exact opposite of The Creative. Six broken yin lines create this hexagram. It is soft and yielding and feminine in nature. The vessel of creativity. The Receptive is what all artists need to be. The conduit for which the creative energy flows.

This piece is perhaps the first of a series of these pairings. It also occurred to me that these may be also good for a card set. Could be. Perhaps before printing The Inner Child I Ching Tarot and Oracle Deck, I’ll do a few different looks and see what and which people like best.

This piece is also different in that the lines are set against white, not black as is the case with most of my work. There is a black border that frames the composition. The chakra colors of the bars and their layout inside the bars have a certain trance inducing quality, or perhaps a meditative one. At least for me when I view this piece full screen.

Here’s the piece, the original size is 10.5″x9″.

"The Creative and The Receptive Go On A Date" is an original digital art wirk of the hexagrams #1 and #2 of the I Ching by Sacred Square Design.Now for those that are interested in the meanings behind the interesting shapes, here’s some information and links to further your understanding of these two hexagrams.

Left: #1 Ch’ien • The Creative • Created by the trigrams (three lines) Heaven over Heaven
Link to a concise interpretation of the The Creative.
Here’s a link to the in-depth interpretation from the Wilhelm translation.

Right: #2 K’un • The Receptive • Created by the trigrams, Earth over Earth.
Link to a concise interpretation of The Receptive.
Link to the Wilhelm translation and interpretation of The Receptive.

Now, about that date… I wonder if The Receptive was open to the advances of The Creative? Hmmm?

As always, your comments, thoughts and opinions are encouraged and important. Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Although there is a lot of art in space…

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. To my adored and beloved Zen Girl, thank you for being so creative… and receptive…



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