“TALKING YANG” Chakra and I Ching Art: New Explorations 2 of 3

The next step, the next piece of play. Taking the yang line groupings from “Nefertitti” and multiplying them, breaking them apart and restructuring them. I played around with putting some of the metallic yin/yang triangles and pyramids behind them. Also some of those little metallic “eyes” from the Travelers series. Nope. This was a new thing. Built on one thing only. Lines. Yang lines. The unbroken lines that, along with the broken lines of yin, form the hexagrams and trigrams of the I Ching.

Chakra colors. Vibrant and with that life energy. I can see them pulsing. Imagine this whole thing pulsing like it was a dance floor or a ceiling above you in a club. Colors throb. Colors switch on and off. This thing just pulsing. I like that, I also like it as a woven rug. Hmmm… textiles again, lol. Shower curtain? Towels? As the print on a bikini?

Of course, it also looks like a maze of some type. Or a map of an alien world, or an alien mind? I was thinking very I Ching when I was playing with this. Even without the yin lines it felt that way. Although it also feels like I can see yin lines in it, depending on how my mind wants to group things.

Is it a book page? An illustration? Language? Music? Or all of those things?

Here’s “Talking Yang”. Original size: 36″x24″.

"Talking Yang" is a hakra and I Ching inspired art work by Sacred Square Designs.

And of course, this piece is leading to more. As it should, As I always find it does if I let it.

Comments? I welcome a short “Not bad.” or a long form, post modern art speak piece, lol. Your choice. Know that you are all appreciated.

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. My love goes out to my cherished and treasured Zen Girl without whom, none of this work would have happened. She starts and maintains the creative in me.


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