“NEFERTITTI” Chakra and I Ching Art: New Exploration 1 of 3

And yes it is a new exploration for me. After a few days spent messing about with some leftover Travelers series ideas, I kind of hit that magic blank wall. The place where there’s seemingly no new ideas in your head. I wasn’t able to find a direction to finish up the remaining pieces and I was feeling a bit burnt and in need of something new.

So I began playing with just the lines, the bars of chakra colors. Rearranging. Thinking of the hexagrams and trigrams of the I Ching. Thinking about yang lines and yin lines. Squares and rectangles. And before I new it, I had assembled the components for this piece. 6 or 7 bars of color for each chakra. In this very horizontal form they remind me of language or music.

Speaking of music I could so this on the wall of a club with the individual and groups of bars throbbing to the music. Could most likely get a great hypnotic effect.

So why call it “Nefertitti”? It just popped in my head, lol. Perhaps the language is Space Egyptian 2198. Hell, I don’t know. This is the first of three pieces using this technique. I’m digging it and feeling like there’s something brewing in this play.

So here it is. Original size 44″x12″.

"Nefertitti" is an original Chakra and I Ching inspired art work from Sacred Square Designs.

Of course it could be turned for a totem effect also. I’m sure I’ll incorporate some of that messing about. It’s just exciting to be in a new groove looking at some new things.

As always, comments, thoughts, cheap shots… they’re welcome and appreciated.

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. To my beloved Zen Girl… new work, new things. Thank you for this.


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