Preview of Inner Child I Ching Tarot and Oracle Card Deck card and hexagram #1, The Creative bu Sacred Square Designs.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram: #1 Ch’ien, The Creative. Art and Thoughts.

Today, not everyday, lol. Don’t need to commit to that schedule. This came to me while doing the post on the “Hexagram Navigator”. I was just thinking more in free form association. Yes, I’ll give three or four different links to actual interpretations of these hexagrams. But, I’ll also just want to riff on it. LOL. Musician babble talk. Just let my mind wander a bit looking at the art and thinking about the meaning.

So I thought this would be a good time to test one of these out. I’ll use the cards from the Inner Child I Ching Tarot and Oracle as the art.

Remember: Nothing that I say is guaranteed to be factual or have any deep sense of “truthin'”, either. Just letting some free form go.

Today’s I Ching Hexagram is #1, Ch’ien, The Creative. Created from the trigrams Heaven over Heaven.

Inner Child I Ching Tarot Deck card #1, The Creative. By Sacred Square Design.Of course the first card of the I Ching, the first hexagram would be The Creative. It’s perfect really. After all that’s the energy in the beginning of all things. And not just “creative” endeavors. I like to think of it as leading a creative life. For me that includes all that I do. Everything. Infusing my daily life, from the small and mundane things like washing dishes to more artsy projects like this, with the juice of creativity.

And I think a large part of leading that creative life is noticing the small things, the little wonders. It’s often there that the ideas for bigger things are born or discovered. Living in that creative zone is heaven over heaven. Doubly good. The bonus, so to speak. And living a creative life is really about being present to the present moment. It’s about noticing those little things. It’s about taking your head out of the constant inner monologue swirl and actually noticing where you’re at. It’s not about being un-busy, although I think what we’re striving for is an un-busy mind. It’s about the ability to get out of the past and the future and just be in the moment. Noticing the way the sun comes through the window. The quality of the light. Stopping to notice it. Allowing yourself to make connections, free associate and create. One thing always leads to another.

The Creative is made up of those six strong unbroken yang lines. Solid. A base to build off of in a way. Good energy. Big energy. And that’s truly how I feel when I am creating, especially creating art. An energy flow occurs. Time shifts and I am in the present with the work. Doing. And time flies by without my noticing it. When I’m absorbed in the creative flow, hours can pass unnoticed. I don’t get tired. I don’t need to eat. I just am propelled forward into the creating.

When I look at this card I see the six strong black yang lines. The void if you will. The emptiness. The eternal. Waiting to be filled. Waiting to be acted upon. There’s an energy to those lines. A power. The Creative indeed. Calling you to act, calling me to act, to create.The chakra colors move upward to me. A mountain in a way. the yellow base, the orange and red sides. the lower chakras surrounding the higher and middle ones. The big energy of the lower chakras. Creative energy moving up and outward. At the center of it all is the green of the heart chakra and that is the center. The heart must be at the center to lead a creative life. For love, compassion and empathy are the pillars for creating. Yes, our intellect is important¬† our voice is important, but the heart informs the intellect, the voice. The heart takes the wild, unbridled energy and passion of the lower chakras and tempers them, channels them.

The Creative is inside all of us. We all have access. Sometimes we forget and we wander about feeling far less than we are. But all that’s often needed is a spark, a point of ignition. Sometimes that’s playing. Just playing. As in no outcome desired. Work has outcomes. Work has goals and measuring points. Play does not. Oh, you can keep score of the game if you wish, but that’s not the point. The point is creating. Freeing up the energy, unblocking the channels. Letting it flow. And that is play. And that is an essential part of a creative life.

The colors are also a pyramid. A triangle. Divine and sacred geometry. Fusing those chakra colors into a shape. The beginning of the creative process. A shape, like an idea, taking form in the mind. The power of The Creative is that. It is the power of the mind, of consciousness to form an idea, to give shape to the idea. to bring it to life. The Creative is all about life to me. Of living creatively. Of loving creatively. Of being strong, like those six solid yang lines. Strong enough to not fear, not be crippled by old fears, old rejections, old pains. The Creative is about the new for me. the new way, the new day. New beginnings. And every day is a new beginning. Every moment is a new opportunity, a new possibility in creating life as we wish it to be. As we imagine it to be.

The Creative is an energy to me. A big energy. Hence those six solid lines. Strength. Commitment. Action. The Creative can move mountains. The Creative can change things dramatically. But it begs to be in service of your highest self. That’s when the flow and power of The Creative is most effective. When we are following our bliss, listening to the inner truth we all have, that is when The Creative is at its most powerful.

These cards of the Inner Child I Ching Tarot and Oracle are also meditation tools for me. As I experiment and experience more of the I Ching through daily reading of the Wilhelm translation, I find myself in a more meditative state in general. Less edgy. Even under stress. Sometimes, I’ll just place one of the cards on my computer screen, darken the room and listen to some ambient music. Just allow myself to stare at it. Lose myself in it and let all the thoughts flow. Eventually it all becomes much quieter in my mind. It takes some time. especially here at the beginning. I used to meditate regularly as part of my daily routine. I got away from it, life got busy. I’m returning to it now and discovering new ways to integrate it into a busy life. The art I do for Sacred Square Design is one way this manifests. There are others.

I will encourage you to explore the I Ching for the Book of Changes offers much in the way of philosophical insights. It gets deeper every time I open it. And because of the nature of change, the fact that we are constantly changing ourselves, I find that a random daily reading of a hexagram reveals something new to consider each time. A new way to look at a vexing issue in my life. A new piece of wisdom to help me navigate a particular area. The I Ching is an enduring companion.

Here are some links to some interpretations of I Ching hexagram #1, The Creative from various sources out and about on the internet. Explore and enjoy.

Interpretation of I Ching hexagram #1 from Psychic Revelations.

Interpretation of I Ching hexagram #1 from I Ching Fortune. This is the Wilhelm interpretation.

Interpretation of I Ching hexagram #1 from I Ching 123

There’s a lot more out there, but these should help give you a place to start your exploration.

As always your comments, thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. As is my custom and my desire, my love and heart to my treasured and beloved Zen Girl for all that she is and all that she gives me. My True Girl.


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