Preview image for the "Hexagram Navigator" a chakra and I Ching influenced art work from Sacred Square Design

“Hexagram Navigator” An I Ching and Chakra Influenced Art Work

Every Traveler needs a Navigator, right, lol? Of course they do and I am loving this version. A very robot looking piece, very human things from the “face” to the “feet. Lots of symbols, from the wheels of the chakras, to the clock like feel of the big circle and it’s arms. The four directions, the four elements in triangular form. Earth, air, water, fire. The chakra infused colors of the trigrams and hexagrams. It’s all come together quite nicely in this latest addition to the Travelers universe of characters.

And they are characters. Personalities. The Navigator is different from the Hexagram Shaman or the first Shaman piece. Different from the seven Travelers themselves.Less of the metallic in this one, although there is much of the chakra colors present. Several wheels within wheels. The Navigator is a moving, clock-like being. Adjusting and modifying the course. Moving the Travelers in a new direction. Ask the Navigator a question and the four arms move and point to a different trigram/hexagram. All the while the color wheels slowly throb and turn. Hmmm… let me have another hit of that.

Here’s the “Hexagram Navigator”. Original size is 36″ x 36″

"Hexagram Navigator" is an original art piece from Sacred Square Design based on the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching and the colors of the chakras.

The four I Ching hexagrams that are apparent in this work are as follows:

Upper left: The trigrams Heaven over Lake create hexagram #10, Lu, which signifies Correct Conduct.
Here’s a link to a concise interpretation of hexagram #10
Here’s a link to a more in-depth interpretation of hexagram #10

Upper Right: The trigrams Wind over Fire form the I Ching hexagram #37, Chia Jen, which signifies The Family.
Here’s a link to the concise interpretation.
Here’s the more in-depth interpretation.

Lower left: The trigrams Earth over Mountain combine to create the I Ching hexagram #15, Ch’ien, which signifies Humility.
Here’s a link to the concise interpretation.
Here’s the more in-depth interpretation.

Lower right: The trigrams Thunder over Water give us I Ching hexagram #40, Hsieh, which signifies Deliverance.
Here’s the link to the concise interpretation.
Here’s a link to the in-depth interpretation.

So there it is, The Hexagram Navigator. May you navigate the day with style and grace.

yours in the possibility,

P.S. All my heart and love to my adored and cherished Zen Girl. As always. šŸ™‚


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