Preview image for "The Violet Traveler" an original art work by Sacred Square Design based on the trigrams and hexagrams of the I Ching and the colors of the chakras.

“The Violet Traveler” Art of the I Ching and Chakras

The last of this series of Travelers, the Violet Traveler. The seventh chakra. The crown chakra. The doorway to absolute enlightenment or, at the least, feeling really centered and grounded and fabulous. Seriously, sometimes I think my crown chakra is too open, and other times, well I think it’s closed up tighter than a drum. But enough of that and more of this…

The last Traveler, although I’m confident there will be at least a few more additions to their universe of robot flavored hexagram and chakra creatures. Enlightened travelers on the high road, or maybe the low. But here she/he is. Violet, the color associated with the crown or seventh chakra dominates as the color of the big wheel. A light to dark gradient runs from top to bottom of the wheel. The eight trigrams of the I Ching are embedded in a faded fashion on the face of the wheel. The wheel itself is the mandala, the spiritual center and signifies the wheel or circular shape of traditional representations of the chakras. I want to see it begin turning.

There is a distinctly face-like quality yo the piece. The offset “eyes” on the top segment. Chakra colored bars with the metallic donuts. The smaller strand of three metallic donuts almost like some form of adornment, or jewelry. The wide mouth, in the form of the metallic oval in the bottom area. The great violet circle like a giant nose, lol. All the metallic triangle or pyramid shapes filling in, or standing in, for the planes of the face. In a way these things sometimes remind me of Picasso and Braque when they discovered the carved African masks at the Louvre and went on to invent Cubism. There is more than just a little of that influence, although it certainly wasn’t obvious to me while I was creating the pieces. It’s only now, looking back on them that I can see the influence.

Here’s “The Violet Traveler”. Original size:  16″x30″.

"The Violet Traveler", a chakra and I Ching influenced art work by Sacred Square Design.

The triangles and pyramid shapes hold to the black and white gradient I’ve established as my way of interpreting the yin and the yang energies. The two trigrams along the bottom are, from left to right are; Heaven, the Creative with it’s three strong yang lines and Earth, the Receptive, with it’s three broken yin lines. When we combine these two trigrams we get four of the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching. Let’s create some hexagrams, lol…

Heaven over Heaven gives us I Ching hexagram #1, Ch’ien,  The Creative.
Here’s a link to a concise interpretation of hexagram #1
Here’s a link to the more in-depth interpretation from the Wilhelm translation of the I Ching.

Next we have Heaven over Earth which gives us hexagram #12, P’i, which signifies Stagnation.

Here’s a link to the concise interpretation of I Ching hexagram #12
And a link to the in-depth interpretation.

Earth over Heaven, creates hexagram#11, T’ai, which signifies Peace.

Concise interpretation of I Ching hexagram #11.
And the more in-depth interpretation…

And the last hexagram created by this combination of trigrams is Earth over Earth, I ching hexagram #2, K’un, which signifies the Receptive.

The concise interpretation of The Receptive…
The more in-depth interpretation of hexagram #2..

So I end this particular series of works within an expanding series of works. I’ve enjoyed the exploration and where it’s taken me. I’m sure the stuff learned and explored in this will influence and find it’s way into the next. Such is the nature of creativity.

As always enjoy, and remember, your comments, thoughts, opinions… they are appreciated and encouraged.

Yours in the possibility,

P.S. Big hugs and soft kisses go to my beloved Zen Girl for all that she has shown me.


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