“The Indigo Traveler: I Ching and Chakra inspired art work.

Another little chakra infused, hexagram bearing robot. The Indigo Traveler is the 6th in the series of Travelers. Each one is dedicated to a specific chakra. The Indigo Traveler’s chakra is the third eye chakra that resides in our foreheads. This chakra, when open and working well is our link to our intuition, our ability to visualize and our imagination. When in balance, the third eye chakra gives us a feeling of being in control. Our minds are sharp and we feel connected to our intuitive sense.

You can find out more about chakra balancing by simply typing in the words in a Google search. There are lots and lots of websites to check out and see what feels good to you. Or you can paint your entire house in a very deep indigo blue and concentrate really, really hard. Just kidding. Seriously though, chakra meditations can really help you achieve an overall sense of well being.

But what about our little robot here? Well like all the Travelers in this series, his main wheel is embedded with the eight trigrams of the I Ching.  This Traveler is a little busier than most of his brethren. Certainly a few more of the metallic triangle pyramid shapes. The gradient of black and white giving them, in my mind anyway, that yin and yang feel. The two trigrams along the bottom area of the piece are the same as the others, but the metallic oval that intersects the large indigo circle is unique to this one.

As with all of these, I can hope that they will find their way out into the world beyond just the spirit or metaphysically inclined. I like to think of them as art pieces first and that they will find their way into the greater culture, influencing perhaps in subtle ways, people who don’t recognize the chakra colors or the trigrams of the I Ching. That’s the hope anyway.

Here’s “The Indigo Traveler”. Original size is 15″x30″

"The Indigo Traveler" is an original art work influenced by the eight trigrams of the I Ching and the seven chakra colors. Original art and design by Sacred Square Design.

The two trigrams that are featured along the bottom of this Traveler are, from left to right, Earth and Mountain. They too are  infused with a gradient of three of the chakras. The violet of the crown chakra into the indigo of the third eye chakra and finishing in the blue of the throat chakra. When we combine these two trigrams we get four of the I Ching’s 64 hexagrams. So lets see what we create doing that.

Earth over Earth creates the I Ching hexagram 2, K’un, which signifies The Receptive. Here’s some highlights from the interpretation on Psychic Revelations website. Click here for more of their interpretation of this hexagram.

General: Be receptive to words of advice or influence from those who are worthy of respect. This is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Love: Listen to the advice of family and friends.

Business: Listen to the advice of experts in your field and take stock of your business.

Personal: Take advice from a counselor you trust.

Here’s a link to the Wilhelm interpretation hexagram 2 for those of you who want to dig a bit deeper.

Earth over Mountain creates I Ching hexagram 15, Ch’ien, which signifies Humility. Here’s a link to a short interpretation.

General: Arrogance is the mortal enemy of true greatness.

Love: Help draw your partner out of their shell.

Business: Do not overlook the quiet achiever in your business. Whether this is a member of staff or an account.

Personal: Don’t take things at face value – learn to look beneath the surface.

Here’s a link to the Wilhelm interpretation of hexagram 15.

Mountain over Mountain creates I Ching hexagram 52, Ken, which signifies Keeping Still. Here’s a link to a short interpretation.

General: Any and all effective action must be born out of stillness.

Love: In order to see things clearly you must let go of any preconceptions.

Business: Clear your mind before making any important business decisions.

Personal: Learn how to meditate to help achieve a still mind.

Here’s a link to the Wilhelm interpretation of I Ching hexagram 52.

Mountain over Earth gives us I Ching hexagram 23, Po, which signifies Splitting Apart. Here’s a link to a short description.

General: Before beginning a new enterprise you should wait for the collapse of the old one.

Love: Your current relationship or an issue within your relationship should be abandoned.

Business: Your current business direction has become difficult and it should be revised at the very least, or abandoned if revision is not possible.

Personal: Serious thought should be given to backing away from any situations that are troublesome.

Here’s a link to the Wilhelm interpretation of I Ching hexagram 23.

As always, I encourage you to explore both the sites I’ve referenced along with all of the others you find on both the I Ching and the chakras. It’s fascinating stuff and you may just find some things to ponder. And that’s never a bad thing now, is it?

Your comments, mad rants and unbridled rage are welcome and appreciated.

yours in the possibility,

P.S. All my love to my beloved and cherished Zen Girl. A constant source of inspiration. Thank you darling.


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